Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite countertops offer Utah homeowners the option of natural stone with all the beauty of fabricated quartz. Quartzite, unlike quartz that is fabricated for countertops, is a naturally occurring rock that results when sandstone is put under extreme pressure and heat. Intermountain Stone appreciates the magnificence of quartzite and custom shapes each countertop with the utmost care.

Varied Colors

It is common for quartzite to come in shades of gray and white, but the presence of minerals in the stone can result in varying hues. Iron may give it a pinkish tint, and other types of minerals can leave streaks of yellow or green. With quartzite, you get all the glory and uniqueness of a natural stone.

Minimal Maintenance, Extreme Hardness

Since it is a natural stone, quartzite must be sealed regularly to protect against staining, but otherwise it holds up well to regular use. Quartzite countertops can withstand heat, are extremely hard and will last for years with proper care.

Quality quartzite countertops are not just a design choice – they’re an investment. Let Intermountain Stone help you find the perfect shade and shape of stone for your home and flawlessly execute the installation. You’ll be amazed at our focus on precision and detail throughout the process.