Quartz Countertops Utah

Quartz countertops are a design choice that’s growing in popularity. Homeowners in Utah and across the country are discovering the many advantages of building a kitchen or bathroom with quartz countertops as the centerpiece. Fabricated quartz offers unlimited possibilities in terms of color and pattern. At Intermountain Stone, we manufacture top-tier quartz slabs for our clients in any shade, size or shape.


The Unrivaled Strength of Quartz

Since quartz countertops are made of a combination of quartz stone and a binding resin, it is one of the strongest stones available for countertop installation, surpassing both granite and marble. You can freely cut on this stone without ever worrying about scratching or chipping the surface. The finish stays intact no matter what. This offers homeowners peace of mind about their investment – you don’t have to constantly consider how a kitchen chore will affect your countertop.

Quartz Countertops: Zero Maintenance

You don’t have to spend any extra cash taking care of this type of stone. Unlike other stones, which must be sealed regularly, quartz does not require additional sealants. You also don’t have to select a special cleaning agent to remove bacteria – soap and water will do.

Since quartz is a non-porous stone, there is no chance of bacteria penetrating the surface and posing a health risk. For home cooks looking for a functional choice for their kitchen, quartz is a top option.

No Stains, No Problem

Fabricated quartz countertops are completely non-porous. You can spill wine and cut lemons right on the surface and leave the mess for days – it will wipe away clean, leaving no trace behind. This makes them an ideal choice for both kitchens and bathrooms where spills are common. Your quartz won’t stain like other stones.

Long-Lasting Color

One of the primary reasons Utah homeowners love quartz from Intermountain Stone is because of their ability to select the exact shade they want. You don’t have to worry that the granite or marble design won’t turn out like you pictured. Quartz provides an even, smooth pattern throughout and it retains its original color over time, as compared to other stones which may change color with age.

Utah Quartz Countertops Contractor

Quartz counters are the finishing touch your home needs for a complete and eye-catching design. The key factor that our clients appreciate about quartz is its affordable elegance. You don’t have to spend more than your budget allows to get the superior, classy product you’re looking for. Once it’s installed, you’ll never question your decision to go with quartz – you’ll just wonder why you didn’t install it sooner.

Contact Intermountain Stone for samples and a free estimate – we can show you the benefits of investing in quartz countertops for your home.