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Intermountain Stone offers only the highest quality granite countertops for our Utah customers. A solid granite countertop is an attractive upgrade that changes the entire atmosphere of a room while increasing the value of your home at the same time.

What we do

Granite countertops are dramatic and eye-catching, which partially explains their continued popularity. See what Intermountain Stone has to offer to give your home this modern touch.

Set Your Utah Home Apart with Granite Countertops

Is your current countertop Formica? Don’t keep your home stuck in the past – upgrade to granite countertops and bring a contemporary beauty to your kitchen or bathroom that sets your home apart.

An upgrade like granite will pay off. Not only will it provide you enjoyment, but if you ever decide to sell your home, granite countertops can help bring a higher price. They’re a major selling point that could make all the difference for your home in the real estate market.


From picking out our quartz slabs to delivery and install, EVERYTHING went perfect. My wife, Tracie and I were treated very well. The communication was there, the pricing was great and the craftsmanship was second to none. Debbie and Ian teamed up to make my wife happy and for that I’m appreciative!We appreciate you guys adding to our beautiful home. The kitchen countertops are stunning! Love the island and we’re proud to actually walk in our kitchen now.Thanks!Matt LipscombTracie Palmer
Matt Lipscomb
Matt Lipscomb
21:12 18 Dec 20
This company was amazing to work with, professional from the office to the install. They were able to accommodate me and my small kitchen, and come up with solutions to make sure I got what I wanted.
David Haunga
David Haunga
13:03 02 Jun 18
Intermountain Stone and Marble did an excellent job on my sink replacement. Since my new sink was a bit larger, they had to cut and polish my granite countertops to make it work, all without breaking it. The project was a success! Thanks guys!
Brenan Gale
Brenan Gale
21:13 08 Aug 16
Welcoming and helpful staff - I appreciated their prompt communication and friendly customer service. I also liked their intimate setting, as opposed to some of the large chains, where I found it was difficult to get anyone's attention.
C Fer
C Fer
04:29 06 Oct 18
Intermountain installed my kitchen backsplash. They were great to work with and the result was top notch and professional.
Ben Buckwalter
Ben Buckwalter
22:17 02 Jan 19
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Granite Countertops: Enjoy Easy Cleaning

Are you sick of scrubbing between countertop tiles and never quite removing all the bacteria that sticks in the grout? Are you tired of looking at stains that never come out? With granite, these concerns are erased.

All granite needs is a quick wipe-down with a sponge or cloth and some mild detergent to restore its shine. Any food that’s crusted on can be scraped away easily with a plastic tool. Cleaning granite countertops is easy. This time-saving improvement will help you keep your kitchen sparkling.



Durable, High-Quality and Affordable

Granite is strong and durable. You can cut on it and it won’t chip or scratch. All you have to do to keep it in top shape is seal the stone at regularly scheduled intervals. Maintenance is low-cost and easy and keeps the stone shining and beautiful.

Granite countertops are affordable when you work with Intermountain Stone, but routine upkeep can protect your investment for years, helping you get the most for your money.


Granite – Customizable and Unique

The most exciting part about choosing granite countertops is that every cut of the stone is unique. Buying from us means you will know for a fact that your countertop is special and one-of-a-kind. It’s part of what adds to the stone’s attraction and value.

You also can customize granite countertops to any size and shape. Talk to Intermountain Stone about your new build or renovation and let us craft a piece that fits seamlessly into your home’s design. We also offer expert edging services that further add to your stone’s uniqueness, with straight, beveled, curved and fancy styles for you to choose from.

Get a quote today from Intermountain Stone and view our extensive selection of color and style choices – we’re excited to work with you and install a gorgeous granite countertop in your Utah home.