4 Reasons Granite Should Be Your Next Countertop

There’s a reason granite countertops top the list of dream countertop materials—and it’s more than their luxury appeal. For decades, granite has been one of the most desired countertop materials, and that “trend” is here to stay. Of course, quality comes at a price, and homeowners should think of granite as an investment.

If you’ve been eyeing granite options for awhile, here are a few upsides that just might send you over the (free) edge and into granite owner territory:

1. There’s no depreciation

Unlike many other luxury options, granite countertops keep their value. In fact, they can quickly add value to any home, which is a great bonus if you’re thinking of selling in the future. Kitchens and other “high traffic areas” can make or break a house negotiation deal. Since countertops take up so much real estate, a gorgeous granite slab can be the straw that gets potential buyers to bid higher, more aggressively and gives the sellers a better price.

2. It’s all natural

Granite was “green” before that was even a buzzword. It’s a natural surface and no two slabs are alike. The nuances are what make each countertop unique and give it that nearly luminous look. Whether you go with a sandblasted finish or a classic, high gloss finish, granite is a sustainable source that provides an injection of Zen-fulness to the room.

3. It’s simple to clean

All you need to clean your granite is a little mild detergent and warm water. However, keep in mind that granite by nature is porous, so make sure you get an adequate seal in place first. Otherwise, debris and food particles can get caught in the “pores.” A reputable granite provider will offer you a variety of sealant options that are affordable, invisible to the naked eye and work with your unique needs.

4. It can stand up to your hot pans

There’s no need to invest in a plethora of pan holders when granite’s at your disposal. Since granite is formed in magma chambers of volcanoes, and is actually created from pressure and heat itself, there’s no sizzling pan in the world that can damage it. When you can set a pan directly on your countertop, that makes for easier, more enjoyable cooking. If sealed (and that is strongly recommended) check for whether heat is tolerated by the protectant coating.

Is it any wonder granite remains one of the top items on kitchen and bathroom remodelers’ wish lists? It’s even more affordable than you think. A granite upgrade is one of the fastest ways to give your room a makeover that will last a lifetime.

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