5 Amazing Uses for Slate in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Slate is show-stopping. When you’re looking for the right stone to fit a sleek, modern design, slate is it.

Slate is a smooth, stately stone that complements a traditional design. This stone is versatile and functional, and an easy choice when you want to incorporate natural stone. The five amazing uses of slate listed below can greatly benefit your home by adding value and aesthetics.

1. Walk on Smooth Tile Floors

Slate has a smooth, welcoming texture, especially in the heat of summer. Consider it for floor surfaces and get a dark, beautiful floor you can be proud of. The floor won’t just be what you walk on — it will set the tone for the room and maybe even the whole house.

2. Use a Backsplash for an Eye-Catching Accent

Slate as a backsplash is ideal — it’s easy to wipe clean and it’s eye-catching. When you have light-colored walls, dark slate is a beautiful contrast. Backsplash materials are often tile, so a natural stone will set your kitchen apart.

3. Inlay a Gorgeous Shower Stall

A shower floor is a creative place to add an original design accent, and slate can be it. An inlaid slate shower floor or walls can make your bathroom look luxurious, instead of like a place you take care of hygiene. When you’re working on outside-of-the-box ideas for a bathroom redesign, consider slate for the shower.

4. Build Decorative Island Legs

Stacked slate is rustic and modern — a winning combination in today’s design world. Using slate to build legs for your kitchen island can make it stand out dramatically. Use a handsome dark shade or mix and match colors based on your vision for your space.

5. Crowning Glory: Install Beautiful Countertops

One of the greatest advantages to having slate countertops (besides their beauty) is the fact that they are nonporous. They do not harbor bacteria and are easily cleaned of all substances, even acids and oils that may stain or darken another type of material.

It is also very durable. You can place a hot pan down and not worry about marring the finish. Even with heavy use, this stone doesn’t chip or crack easily. And when you’re comparing costs, you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the affordability.

Make Slate Your Stone

At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we’re committed to helping you find the best countertop stone for your kitchens and bathrooms. Is slate the right choice for you? It may help to visit our showroom. See what slate looks like in context, then make up your mind on whether you can picture it in your home. If you fall in love, we can place your order right away and help you get a jump-start on your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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