5 Kitchen Updates to Help You Love It Rather Than List It

Homeowners commonly plan kitchen updates for when they’re getting ready to sell, but what if you could transform your kitchen so drastically that you’d rather stay than leave? It’s possible to coordinate beautiful kitchen updates, even on a budget, but you have to know where to spend your money to get the greatest functional and aesthetic return.

These top five kitchen updates will help you love your home rather than list it:

1. Install a Backsplash

A backsplash is the perfect way to add function and beauty to a space. Kitchens are naturally messy areas, and splatters and stains are common. You might not be able to easily clean food particles and oil splashes off your kitchen’s painted walls, but it’s simple with a backsplash!

More than just making cleanup easier, a backsplash can also add a gorgeous touch to the space. Coordinate the design with cabinet and countertop color for the best effect.

2. Reface Cabinets

Think about it — cabinets are what people notice most when they enter your kitchen. They take up the majority of the wall space, plus they’re at eye level.

If your cabinets are scratched or the finish has faded, it’s time to reface them with a glossy new sheen, or strip and repaint them. This will give your kitchen a brand-new look. You can replace cabinet hardware as well, and it’ll feel like you invested in a whole new set of custom cabinets.

3. Update Lighting Fixtures

One of the most transformative kitchen updates has nothing to do with cabinets or flooring — it’s all about lighting. Maybe your kitchen doesn’t get enough light. Maybe the lighting fixtures are clunky and make the room feel cramped.

Updating lighting fixtures is one of the best ways to modernize your kitchen and upgrade your style. It doesn’t have to cost too much either — you can find affordable light fixtures on sale and install them on your own.

4. Invest in New Appliances

Are your appliances rusty and old? Are they always breaking down? Do they take away from the design rather than add to it?

Invest in new, energy-efficient appliances that have all the tech features you love. It will feel like you’re in a new home.

5. Replace Worn Countertops

Finally, it’s time to deal with the counters. Low-grade laminate and subpar stone has to go. Reserve space in your budget for quality quartz or eye-catching marble — it’s worth it!

Intermountain Stone & Marble Company can help make countertops the centerpiece of your kitchen, ensuring you get the most value out of your updates. Visit us today to find the stone that fits you.