5 Reasons To Try Granite Countertops

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen is the countertops. If you’ve ever seen a kitchen with granite countertops, you know that their beauty cannot be beaten. Granite remains one of the most popular options for countertops today. Not only are they stunning to look at, but there are also many other benefits to choosing granite for your countertop needs. Here are five reasons to switch to granite countertops today.

1. Granite is Tough and Durable.

It is nearly impossible to scratch or chip granite countertops. This is because granite is second only to diamond on the hardness scale. However, if you do manage to scratch or chip your granite countertops, it is a relatively easy fix. Unlike materials such as laminate, Granite is heat resistant. You will never have to worry about hot pots and pans damaging your countertops. Granite is also immune to freezing, thawing, mildew, and mold. No other material is more durable or longer-lasting than granite.

2. Maintenance is Easy.

Once the countertops are properly installed and sealed by a professional, granite is very easy to maintain. Because granite is resistant to staining and bacteria, it is effortless to clean. You can easily clean your countertops with soap and water, or with a special, granite-specific cleanser. Keep in mind that you should never use vinegar or bleach to clean granite countertops.

3. Granite Boosts the Home’s Value.

Granite offers a nice curb-appeal to your home. Not only do they add beauty to your kitchen, but granite countertops also have up to 100% of return investment value. This means that you can potentially get back the entire cost of your countertops in the resale of your home. Because granite is so durable, no matter when you decide to sell your home, your countertops will always look brand new. When deciding between two homes to buy, it is not uncommon for prospective buyers to pick the home showcasing granite countertops.

4. Granite is Cost-Effective.

Because of its durability, granite is a very cost-effective choice for your countertops. Lower-quality materials, such as laminate, will need to be replaced within a decade. With granite’s long-lasting track record, you can expect these countertops to last a lifetime. Intermountain Stone and Marble offers customizable granite countertops in any size and shape to fit your unique needs.

5. Granite is Made of Natural Material.

Granite is an environmentally-friendly choice. With today’s trend of “going green”, these gorgeous countertops are a great choice because they are made of entirely natural material. This also adds to its beauty. Each piece of granite is individually unique, making your kitchen special and distinctive. The natural appeal of the stone is unsurpassed by any other countertop material.

Granite countertops will set your home apart from any other on the market. It is the most popular countertop choice because it is both attractive and affordable. These countertops are also very durable, easy to clean, and will boost the value of your home. Contact Intermountain Stone and Marble for your free quote today!

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