5 Threats to Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen counters are warriors. They face all kinds of abuse, and still they march on looking fabulous in the process — or at least that’s the case if you have maintained your stone countertops well.

Quartz, granite, marble and other natural stones are some seriously tough materials. If you faced the kind of onslaught your kitchen counters did on a daily basis, would you be looking as good?

However, you have to keep in mind that different stones have different levels of durability and porousness.

For instance, quartz is virtually maintenance-free. Granite requires resealing at least once per year. Marble is a little more prone to scratching than some other stones. No matter what stone countertop you have, take a moment to think about all it puts up with.

Here are a few common kitchen calamities:

  • Hot pan coming through! Yes, many stone countertops take a pan fresh out of the oven or stovetop and handle it with no problems. However, that’s largely due to luck. Never set a hot pan directly on a stone countertop. Always put down a heatproof pad first. It’s just not worth the risk of cracking or chipping such a gorgeous countertop.
  • Wine not? Red wine is by far one of the most vicious stainers in the kitchen. If it’s not wiped up right away, it can cause permanent damage. Fortunately, some sealants on the market are so good that you can protect even alabaster marble from these spills. Still, pat it dry as soon as it happens and make sure you have a scheduled reminder of your next re-sealing date.
  • A real greasy spoon: Cooking grease and splatter can get just about anywhere — take a look at your backsplash! Since stone is porous, it can absorb grease and make your countertops look dingy and discolored. Again, it’s sealant to the rescue. If you do notice grease splatter, clean it up quickly with a natural-stone-approved cleansing agent. Otherwise, you’re basically using a counter with food particles stuck in it.
  • Everything on your kids’ hands: Many kitchen countertops double as homework spaces, play areas, and overall germ harborers. Your kids might use the counters to color, tackle school projects and play games. Children are rough on just about everything, including countertops. Don’t worry, because your natural stone slab can take it. It’s still a good idea to keep countertops a marker-free zone, though.
  • Taking a hit: Besides hot pans, there’s a lot that can be land on kitchen counters, from dropped flatware to that oversized load of groceries. Try to set items down gently when you can, but don’t worry if something goes amiss. It’s likely that your stone counters are up to the challenge.

Are you ready to upgrade to stone and enjoy the benefits of a real workhorse in the kitchen? Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble today to discuss stone options and to find the perfect kitchen counter for you!

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