Are Stone Counters Worth It?

Stone counters are a top priority for anyone doing a kitchen build or remodel.

Some may favor granite for its timeless appeal — there’s a reason granite has remained the No. 1 choice for years! Others prefer marble for a touch of elegance and its unique appearance. Still others are all about the zero maintenance of quartz, or they want something a little different, such as travertine.

However, once the price comparison begins, some homeowners waver. There’s no denying that natural stone countertops are costlier than tiling or other manmade materials. For a while, Formica was all the rage.

Manmade materials can be hardy, long-lasting and low maintenance. However, the same can be said when comparing rhinestones to diamonds. If you find yourself asking if stone counters are worth it, keep a few facts in mind.

Stone Equates to Value

Natural stone countertops in your kitchen or bathroom will dramatically increase the value of your home — and this won’t diminish. This is especially critical for anyone who is flipping a home or has plans to sell (or rent). Even if you don’t plan to sell, your forever home deserves a higher value and a kitchen or bathroom you really love.

Pushy sales teams might pressure you to admit that today’s manmade materials are nothing like the 1970s Formica we make fun of today.

True, manmade countertops have made some great advances, and from a distance they can look fairly decent. However, nothing can or ever will come close to the beauty and show-stealing capacity of natural stone.

What About Upkeep?

Thanks to the popularity of HGTV, homeowners are becoming more informed, and they have found out that natural stone requires a little regular upkeep. That’s often true of any natural material (for example, a stunning copper mailbox requires maintenance to fend off the green hues that will take over — a plastic mailbox doesn’t require that level of TLC).

What homeowners often aren’t told upfront is that this maintenance is affordable and fast.

It costs just a few dollars for a DIY seal and spray for your countertop. A few quick wipes once per year is all you need to keep most natural stone countertops sealed, protected and looking like new.

Plus, natural stone counters have no seals or grout lines to collect dust, grease or dirt. Grouting on manmade materials creates an unattractive germ trap that’s hard to keep clean.

There’s no doubt that natural stone counters are worth the initial investment because they never depreciate. They’re with your home for life, driving up its value and perhaps even the initial asking price if you choose to sell.

If you’re splurging on just one aspect of your bathroom or kitchen, the countertops are a natural choice. Pay a visit to Intermountain Stone & Marble to see the very latest samples of all types of stone countertops.

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