Choose a Backsplash to Match Your Stone Counter

A backsplash is an important element in kitchen design, but it doesn’t trump counters — those are the centerpiece. Still, the right backsplash can dramatically elevate a room’s style, as long as it’s chosen with the counters in mind.
If you watch home improvement shows or enjoy touring model kitchens, you’ve probably seen plenty of countertops and backsplashes you love. The only problem? You can’t just pick your favorite — they have to go together for the best result.

Coordinate with All Elements of the Room

A backsplash should be chosen after the counters. Your countertop is more important than the backsplash, and it will be used for cooking as well. You want to make sure it’s functional and fitting for your lifestyle.

Flooring and cabinet color should be chosen before the backsplash too. These three major elements provide the structure for the design. The backsplash is the accent.

Color Decision

First, decide if you’d like to go vibrant with a bright color or if you want to stay neutral. If you’ve chosen a dramatic color for your cabinets or an unusual stone grain for your counters, it’s probably better to err on the side of neutral for your backsplash to bring stability to the kitchen design.

But if every other component is muted, the backsplash could be an opportunity for an energetic color.

Think About Height

Do you want your backsplash to go all the way to the ceiling? What about mid-way up the wall? What about up to your cabinets? Height matters, since you may want to keep the tones muted if you’re covering a whole wall.

Material Dictates Design Style

There is a plethora of material choices for a kitchen backsplash, from tile to brick to stone. Choose a material that aligns with your choice of style, whether it’s traditionally rustic or modern contemporary.

Shape and Pattern

Much like material and color, the shape of your backsplash will dictate the pattern, which also influences the final style. Get samples and try them out in your kitchen to see how they look in the space.

Budget Is a Consideration

Finally, consider your budget for a backsplash. Since you’ll already have chosen the major, expensive parts like cabinets, flooring and counters, the backsplash usually isn’t allotted much at the end. If you have a premium backsplash you won’t compromise on, make sure you work the price in at the beginning.

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