Choosing the Right Granite Color for Your Kitchen Design

Deciding on the right granite color seems like a huge decision, and you’re right — it sets the tone for your kitchen’s design. But you don’t have to take a shot in the dark. You can make an educated decision on which granite color will look best.

Bring Wood Samples with You

First, when you go shopping at a stone countertop showroom, bring samples of your wood cabinets with you if you’ve already chosen your stain color and cabinet design. It’s easier to see which colors fit together, versus looking at pictures or going on your memory alone.

Bring Granite Samples Home

If you’re offered granite samples to take home, take advantage of it! It can be extremely helpful to see the granite in your kitchen, and much easier to visualize how an entire slab will look.

Dark Colors Are Less Prone to Staining

While properly sealed granite is mostly impervious to stains, light colors are definitely more susceptible to lasting color alterations. If you want to guard against the potential for stains, simply opt for a darker color and a pattern that won’t show stains.

Lighting Makes a Difference

The level of light in your kitchen should influence your granite color choice. A bright, sunny kitchen with lighter cabinets can benefit aesthetically from a contrasting darker granite color. On the other hand, a darker kitchen with less natural light can be brightened with a lighter granite color and pattern.

Think About Layout

Before you choose a stone slab based on its look, think about the layout of your kitchen. If you have to cut the slab in an L-shape to fit your counters, it might cut off the exact part of the pattern you’re looking for. Try to reserve free-flowing, showpiece patterns for the large kitchen island, versus a section of countertop that has to be cut precisely to fit a small space.

It’s Possible to Mix and Match

You don’t have to choose just one granite color. You can pick a dark color for the outside counters and a light pattern for your island, or vice versa. Use your granite selection to make a statement.

It’s Not All About Color

Choosing the right stone fabricator and installation contractor is almost as important as choosing the right granite color. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself — go with your instincts and find a reputable stone contractor you can trust for advice. Intermountain Stone and Marble Company can help. Call us today and share the details of your upcoming project!

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