Cleaning Marble Countertops: Know the Do’s and Don’ts 

Maybe you’ve heard that cleaning marble countertops is a big project and it’s scaring you away from this stone as you prepare to select your kitchen counter materials.

Or maybe you just had your marble installed and you want to check and make sure you know how to keep it looking like it does now: absolutely stunning.

Either way, we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you understand marble and the process of cleaning marble countertops.

Don’t Let Anyone Scare You

First of all, don’t let the naysayers keep you from realizing your vision of a beautiful marble kitchen. Yes, marble needs a little bit of extra care and attention, but it’s worth it. At Intermountain Stone & Marble, we say yes!

The gorgeous stone doesn’t deserve your fear, because as long as you understand what to do and what not to do, it will stay looking top-notch for years to come.

How Marble Can Wear Down

Usually the top concern from prospective marble counter buyers is that marble stains easily. But it’s not necessarily the staining you should watch for — it’s the etching.

The acids from wine, tomato juice or lemons react with the calcium carbonate in the stone and erode the surface. If it’s not wiped up right away, it can leave an etching behind. Depending on the way the light hits the counter, the scarring can make the surface look dull.

Choose Your Cleaning Product Wisely

Because of marble’s sensitivity to acids, it’s essential to choose the cleaning products you use with care. In general, stay away from any products that contain bleach. Stick to warm water with a little bit of mild dish soap. Steer away from products that contain vinegar or lemon. You can also find products specifically formulated for cleaning marble countertops.

Prevention Is Key

Always use coasters and placemats to reduce the chances of an acidic spill. Also, clean up spills with soap and water as soon as they happen. Protect your marble from scratching by using potholders underneath pans and dishware. By getting in the habit of protecting your marble from the beginning, wear and tear will be less of a concern.

Get Serious with Stains

If you do find a stain on your marble counter, don’t panic and run for the bleach cabinet! There are ways to use baking soda poultices to withdraw the discoloration from the stone. Talk to a stone care professional, like our team at Intermountain Stone & Marble Company. The sooner you respond, the higher the likelihood of treating the issue successfully.

Seal it When Needed

Follow all installer instructions for sealing the stone. It’s another way you can protect your investment from daily wear and tear.

Contact Intermountain Stone & Mable Company today to inquire about our inventory or learn more about the best practices for cleaning marble countertops. We are your local resource!

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