Four Common Countertop Problems

Countertop problems can mar the beauty of your otherwise perfect kitchen. While your natural stone counters add a level of elegance to the room, any imperfections take away from the effect, even if it’s only something you notice up close.

Specifically, we’ve identified four common countertop problems that plague many homeowners’ otherwise show-stopping kitchens.

How should you handle them?

Edge Cracks

If you have heavy appliances or cabinets placed on the edge of your counters, cracks can begin to form. Counters that support overly heavy appliances need extra support and reinforcement. And for appliances that put off heat, it’s essential to add venting to reduce heat damage or stress cracks.

Dull Stone

Over time, stone may dull faster than you expect. If your stone counters just aren’t holding their natural shine, it could be related to the cleaning chemicals you use. It could also be due to the quality of the finish. It’s why it’s important to source your stone from a reputable countertop fabricator from the beginning.

Stains from Hot Dishes

You may hear that you can place hot dishes on stone counters without any problem, but this isn’t always true. It doesn’t matter how sturdy the stone — if the heat is high enough, it can cause some damage.

Whether it’s a cloudy spot or a small crack in the finish, hot dishes still have the potential to do damage, which is why we still recommend protecting your counters from heat as much as possible.

Scratches and Chips

Even if you don’t cook every night, inevitably there will come a time when your knife slides off the cutting board and nicks the counter. You could drop a heavy item and chip the finish.

Scratches and chips happen, but it’s not a countertop problem you have to live with — you can fix it!

Using a high-quality resin, it’s possible to fill scratches or chips successfully. Buff it after it sets to fully integrate the patch with the rest of the surface.

Trust Quality Product and Install from Our Team

If it’s time to upgrade your countertops, it’s time to visit our showroom and choose the beautiful slab that will replace the one that’s causing your countertop problems.

Intermountain Stone & Marble Company set ourselves apart with a focus on quality, both in the sourcing and fabrication of our stone and in the installation of a gorgeous, long-lasting, finished product. This commitment to excellence helps you avoid more countertop problems. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service every day, to every customer.

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