Granite Countertops Make Parade’s Top Real Estate Terms

Parade Magazine contributor Leah Ingram lists granite countertops as one of the top real estate terms that should be listed in a home advertisement if you want to move the property quickly and at the highest price.

It’s still a buyer’s market in many regions, which has sellers scrambling to make the most of their property. Working your real estate listing correctly is critical, and Ingram reports that the right words can lead to a higher selling point. She researched Zillow and worked with the company’s CEO/Chief Economist Stan Humphries to determine the 15 most powerful words.

Granite makes the list, right on the heels of stainless steel. More buyers than ever are demanding a home with granite countertops, and they won’t settle for anything less. (Keep in mind that other stone countertops, such as marble and quartz, also can be just as in demand, but granite is a term almost everyone knows). Ingram reports that having granite counters increases a home price an average of 4 percent.

Use Your Words

Other top picks include luxurious, which identifies a home with higher-end finishes. Even if a house is priced to sell, if this word is used, it nets an 8.2 percent higher selling price. Of course granite counters contribute to a luxurious home and can help show that a listing that’s luxurious is also honest.

Another must-use word is captivating, which is seen as rich and enticing. Use this word, and you can net 6.5 percent more.

Buyers also love the word impeccable, because it speaks to the quality of the property. If a house listing uses this word, it goes for 5.9 percent more. Again, granite countertops help back up this statement. Have you ever seen a “captivating kitchen” that featured vinyl countertops? Probably not.

The Selling Point

Buyers are on the lookout for the “R” word (remodel) because that signifies that a home is well cared-for and has the latest upgrades. This, of course, includes granite countertops. If a listing has remodel in the description, it goes for 2.9 percent more.

Unsurprisingly, the word beautiful can work wonders for a listing too. Whether it’s beautiful countertops or a beautiful view, this word gets you a 2.3 percent higher price.

Finally, buyers want a home that’s spotless, upgraded and updated. This trio fits perfectly with new granite countertops. Buyers aren’t assuming that a home is clean (or that the counters are!), so spotless reassures them.

Upgraded homes sell for 1.8 percent more, while updated homes get you 0.8 percent more. Combine all of these keywords, and you’re looking at a handsome increase in your home’s value. Make a big statement by upgrading to granite countertops with the help of Intermountain Stone & Marble, your local granite and marble experts.

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