Granite vs. Solid-Surface Countertops

Should you install solid-surface countertops, or go with granite, marble or another natural stone in your kitchen?

Natural stones each have pros and cons, but when it comes to solid surface versus natural stone, one of those key differences might be your deciding factor.

Natural stone is an organic material, although different stones come from different types of rock. Natural also means unique, and all slabs are different. Originality is a big selling point, and it’s why stone countertops often sell for a premium.

Granite, the most popular natural stone countertop option, is durable, but can technically be broken or chipped. Serious temperature swings or excessive force can damage granite, but it takes a lot to make that happen.

Granite: It’s What’s on the Inside

Granite, like all natural stone, is porous. It requires a sealant to ensure that stains, bacteria and debris doesn’t seep in. Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, because it is actually natural material made stronger with manmade materials.

Granite is still the most desirable countertop in America, but quartz has been nipping at its heels for a while now. A no-maintenance, no-fuss countertop with all the beauty of natural stone is hard to resist.

However, granite and all-natural stone is simple to clean after sealing. Most of the time, warm water and a gentle detergent is all you need. Seams are a given with granite slabs, and slabs are difficult to match well if they have a lot of veins, swirls or colors. A reputable stone installation company will go above and beyond to match seams.

A Solid Choice

Solid surfaces are wholly manmade. They usually employ acrylics and polyesters along with pigments to customize colors. With this manufactured product, you get a lot of color choices.
Solid surface is also durable, trumping natural stone, but can still sustain damage from heat or force. A stain-resistant, nonporous option with virtually no seams, solid surfaces can be used for just about any vertical or horizontal surface, making them a prime pick beyond countertops.

Still, solid surfaces aren’t natural, and natural choices like granite remain America’s sweetheart. If you can’t decide between the two, consider function, aesthetics and price.
Granite and natural stone require sealants, which isn’t a huge undertaking. Aesthetics are completely subjective, but many times granite is deemed the loveliest countertop. Price varies drastically, even within granite families, and while solid surfaces are more affordable overall, you can get a great deal on granite countertops when shopping a reputable company.

Are you still torn between granite and solid-surface countertops? It’s not a decision to make lightly. Your countertops can increase your home’s value, dramatically change the look of a room, and can be an investment that you’ll enjoy for years. Call Intermountain Stone & Marble for all your granite, marble and countertop needs.

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