“Greige” Stone Countertops Trending

Can’t decide between beige and gray for your new stone countertops? You’re in good company, because HGTV’s list of trends in the home has “greige” kitchens and countertops in the top 10.

It’s just what it sounds like: Halfway between beige and gray, you get the best of both worlds. Beige gives you that sense of warmth and hominess (plus it goes great with natural woods), but gray is cool, neutral and relaxing.

A greige countertop will complement every possible cabinet, flooring, wall color/covering and pop of color you can dream up. It’s also built to withstand the test of time.

Countertops are a big wow factor, and when you invest in natural stone countertops, you want them to last many years, if not a lifetime. You don’t want to have to swap them out in the future if you go with a color scheme that doesn’t mesh with pure beige or pure gray.

Having it All

Stone countertops by nature go with everything, so it’s pretty tough for them to clash. However, the advent of new methods for curating and processing stone countertops might make this idea a thing of the past!

Now, you can get bright red countertops, mixtures of bright blues and purples, fluorescent pinks and any other color or combination you can imagine. Usually the price increases as stone colors become more vivid and outlandish.

If you go with a bright color instead of greige, you’ll likely need to tone down the rest of the kitchen. The countertop becomes the focal point, and you’ll need to work any other accents around it.

A brilliant purple island stone countertop is certainly a showstopper, but might look dated in a few years (and you might get tired of it well before then). These bright stars are only for the most eclectic of homeowners, which is why greige is a popular and safe choice that still looks gorgeous.

What Flaws?

It’s pretty difficult to damage natural stone countertops. Some stones are tougher than others. But they’re not indestructible. Dropping an industrial mixer from the top shelf onto your counter, bumping it with heavy furniture, and in some cases spilling juice or wine on it (think unsealed white marble) can permanently damage countertops.

A greige blend is fantastic at hiding flaws, and can do so much better than a monotone. However, the best way to prevent stains and chips is by applying regular sealants as recommended by stone countertop pros.

When choosing a stone, consider how rough you are in your kitchen and whether or not kids will be in the room often. That might dictate not just your stone color, but the stone itself.

Going greige is a great choice for homeowners who want to have it all, including a stone countertop that’s built to last. Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble today to find out what greige options are available to you.

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