How Laminate Countertops Aren’t Really Cheaper Than Natural Stone 

Laminate countertops are often cited as one of the cheapest ways to replace kitchen counters. At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we think the natural stone is a better use of your money, and by delivering a higher return on investment over time, they are technically the lower-cost option.

It’s all about the big picture, and when the big picture includes granite, quartz or marble, it’s beautiful.

Rental Property Installation

One of the common reasons many property owners turn to laminate is because they need to spruce up their rental property before the next tenant moves in. Given the lower upfront price tag on laminate, this is a sensible plan.

But think about it. Laminate can scratch and chip easily. It burns. It is plastic, after all. Even a tenant who does all they can to preserve your home and treats it as if it were their own will inadvertently leave their mark on laminate.

Another reason some choose laminate is because they can install it themselves, saving on the cost of a professional. This is a legitimate point, as stone requires the careful handling of a professional. Still, it’s a one-time fee that helps with the longevity and stability of your kitchen counters, and this is important even in a rental property. Also, you can get higher rent for a premium-level property, and stone counters move the needle in your favor!

At Your Home?

Laminate countertops are almost never the best option for your home, unless you like changing interior styles on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in creating a high-end renovation, stone is the right option.

You’re Better off With Stone

Consider the many benefits of natural stone counters. They’re durable, they require little maintenance. In fact, if you seal them regularly per manufacturer instructions, they can last for decades.
No two counters are the same. You can cut it in any shape you desire, which gives more flexibility to your design. It might cost more than laminate upfront, but you get years of use — and beauty.

How We Help

At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we want to bring the natural world to your interiors. Laminate countertops are a quick fix — stone is forever. Get a quote from us and you might be surprised. After a cost/benefit analysis, it’s clear why stone beats laminate in every setting.

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