How to Estimate Stone Countertop Costs

Stone countertop costs differ greatly depending on material, location and installer. If you can’t get a straight answer on what it will cost to upgrade your kitchen counters, start here.

At Intermountain Stone & Marble, we want to help you understand what goes into the pricing as well as how you should look at stone countertop costs before you make a decision.

Get the Square Footage

The first of the three major price influencing factors is size. How big of a space do you want your counters to cover? Measure the square footage. This helps our team give you a more accurate quote.

Consider the Differences Among Materials

Different stones have different price points. For instance, a rare marble will cost more than a standard granite. Also, how thick you order your counters will affect cost — the thicker, the pricier.

Finishing Costs

Certain edges might cost more than others. It can be confusing to some buyers because they might assume the per-square-foot price includes everything, but often it doesn’t. If you want a fancier edge that’s harder to fabricate, your installer might charge more. Installation fees could affect the price as well.

Don’t Just Think About Price — Think About Value

To get the full view of stone countertop costs, you have to consider return on investment too. How much will you get back if you decide to sell your home after installing new stone counters?

Since this differs depending on location, your best bet is to talk to a listing agent if you’re considering selling in the next year or two, and get their take on the best stone counters to invest in, and how much you should spend.

Next, Consider Your Enjoyment

If you’re planning to stay in your home for years, you’ll want to get what you like best. For example, paying a measly $500 more for a premium counter stone that delivers decades of satisfaction for you might be worth the cost. Factor this into your cost estimation and budget projections.

Get a Personalized Quote

The only way to know exact stone countertop costs for your kitchen is to get a personalized quote. Trust Intermountain Stone & Marble Company for transparent prices on sourcing, fabrication and installation so you know exactly what to expect before you give the go-ahead for a kitchen counter redesign. Get in touch with us today!

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