Keep Granite Counters Clean

Your granite counters see a lot of action, and it’s not all pretty.

It’s where you prep raw chicken and fish, where your kids do their homework and sometimes it serves as a temporary landing dock for trash before it makes it from the can to the bin outside. Keeping your granite countertops clean and disinfected is a top priority, but you also want to make sure you sustain their beauty.

One of the best investments homeowners can make is ensuring their granite countertops are sealed immediately after being installed. Re-sealing is recommended at least once per year for granite.

You can choose from a variety of tested, guaranteed products on the market, from DIY sprays to a professional sealant. There are differences in staying power and prices, but with so many options, you’re sure to find the right solution for you.

The Daily Grind

On a daily basis, avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners like Windex® and those containing vinegar, citrus fruits or bleach. You probably won’t damage the granite if you use these cleaners just once, but over time, they can weaken the sealant and make your slab look dull. The harsher the cleaner is, the faster it will destroy the sealant.

Instead, make sure you wipe up spills immediately and clean the granite with warm water and a mild dish soap.

Using a washcloth or microfiber cloth is best to avoid accidental scratches. Granite is tough, but it’s porous and can be prone to scratches just like any natural stone. Sealants can help, but only if they are regularly applied and not removed with harsh chemicals. For disinfecting, you’ll be glad to hear that sealants do a good job of keeping bacteria at bay.

Heat Things Up

Dish soap and hot water is more than enough for routine sanitizing. However, if you’d prefer something a little stronger, mix half water and half isopropyl alcohol into a bottle and spray. Let it sit for about four minutes, then rinse with water and dry. Bleach and ammonia are too extreme for granite.

Some homeowners prefer the peace of mind of special granite cleansers. There are some great ones out there, but any all-purpose cleaner that says it’s safe for granite is also a good bet. Rarely do you need to buy a special cleanser, although a special sealant is a must if you want to protect your investment.

When cared for well, granite can easily last a lifetime. However, it’s still a much more durable stone than many other solid-surface countertops, including marble and limestone. The only tougher slab is quartz, because it’s naturally non-porous, maintenance-free and scratch-resistant, thanks to the processing necessary to make it counter-friendly.

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