Kitchen & Bath Update Ideas

Two rooms in your home get a lot of traffic and attention: kitchens and bathrooms.

Real estate studies have shown that kitchens can make or break a home-buying deal. Buyers will pay more for a gourmet, updated, luxury kitchen — this means top-end stainless steel appliances, an open floor plan, and countertops and a kitchen island featuring natural stone. Likewise, the bathroom should be an oasis, a place for pampering and relaxation.

You don’t have to plan to sell your home to want a gorgeous kitchen and bath. The kitchen is where you prep family meals and the bathroom is where you get ready for a big night out; these are rooms where you spend some of your best at-home hours. Luckily, you can overhaul them easily and affordably.

Stunning Surfaces

Compared to some other rooms, kitchens and baths can be relatively small, so the surface areas, starting with the countertops, pack a big punch. Fewer aspects of a room are more breathtaking than natural stone countertops. Granite has long been the most desired material because it’s beautiful, strong and low-maintenance. But homeowners are interested in marble, travertine and other natural stone options too. Match what you use for your countertops with the right stone for your home.

Don’t forget about flooring, which is another sprawling surface area in kitchens and bathrooms. Most homeowners don’t want to extend hardwood flooring into these rooms because of the spills, potential water damage, heat and humidity, so natural stone can work wonderfully here. Travertine floors are a fantastic option, but you can also go with a luxury non-stone option like ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Kicking it Up a Notch

As bathrooms and kitchens are becoming more luxurious, people are spending more quality time in these rooms, and a fireplace is the ultimate added extravagance. Nook areas, nestled against a fireplace, are the perfect place to entertain. Add a gas fireplace to the bathroom and that bubble bath turns into a luxe retreat.

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