Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide

Depending on the complexity of your kitchen remodel, you might have limited kitchen access for one day or several.

Some homeowners prefer to tackle kitchen remodels one step at a time so they have at least some access to their kitchen 24/7. Others like a full kitchen remodel in one fell swoop, relying on microwaves, toasters, hot plates and minifridges in other rooms for quick cooking fixes.

Homeowners who are just replacing countertops likely don’t need to move much out of the way. In most cases, they are replaced in a single day, and you’ll be enjoying your new granite or marble countertops by dinnertime.

A reputable natural stone company will give you an accurate timeline for completion.

When Kitchen Remodels Are Massive

Are you flipping your entire kitchen, with new cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances? In this case, the kitchen remodel can take a few weeks. A lot of working parts are coming together, including material deliveries and installation management. Even weather can play a role.

It’s better for everyone involved for homeowners to steer clear of the kitchen during a big remodel. You don’t want potentially hazardous materials such as heavy-duty glues and sealants getting into your food. The fewer “cooks in the kitchen,” the better. It makes for a faster renovation, even though it can be really tempting for homeowners to sneak in for a peek or a snack.

A Staycation, Hotel-Style

It’s common for some homeowners to temporarily move out during big renovations. You might check into a hotel, or stay with family or friends. Those with children, elderly parents living with them, or people with sensitivities and allergies have an especially hard time living in a home during a kitchen remodel. Plus, it’s thrilling to return home to a brand-new, sparkling kitchen.
Talk to your contractor or stone installation provider about your needs and establish a timeline.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to complete a kitchen remodel as quickly as possible. However, it’s also possible that plans can go awry. From surprise weather that prevents contractors from safely reaching a worksite to materials that don’t arrive on time, some flexibility is required by all during a kitchen remodel.

Depending on trusted companies and contractors is key to a fast, stress-free kitchen remodel. Working with Intermountain Stone & Marble Experts ensures the countertop portion of your remodel will go as smoothly as possible, so call today and connect with a stone countertop expert.

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