Marble Counters Top Pick in New York

A recent New York Times report found that luxury marble counters are quickly surpassing granite and every other stone for high-end New York City apartments and condos.

At the 53W53, a condominium nestled beside the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown, architects and designers have been welcomed en masse to the private homes of clients like Bill Gates and Calvin Klein, who have fallen in love with the beauty only marble can provide. For these two clients, thin slices of statuary marble are polished to a shine and backlit, while in the bathroom, glittery marble with limestone-carved sinks is framed by large slabs of veined, black marble from St. Laurent.

Such apartments start at $3 million and go up to $70 million, with designers claiming, “It’s quite different from anything else that’s being built in New York City!”

Fellow designers agree.

For years, granite was the go-to natural stone for countertops, but now marble is taking the Big Apple by storm. Considered more distinctive, luxurious and unique, marble is being used to draw in high-paying clients.

Back in Black

Marble, like many natural stones, comes in a variety of hues and patterns (even though a lot of people think marble is only available in white and cream colors). In New York, black is trending. The mercury black slab is featured in the 45 East 22nd Street Sales Gallery’s model kitchen.

If you love the look of a not-so-classic colored marble, you can get the same focal point for less, if you get a thinner slab. For example, 1¼-inch-thick slabs of the more readily available absolute black or Ubatuba are budget-friendly.

Of course, upgrades to rarer slabs like the Italian statuary marble or the top-of-the-line white Calcutta marble come with a premium price.

New York designers also have fallen in love with the mercury black marble slabs that offer a one-of-a-kind wavy pattern. The mountain white danby marble is another top choice, featuring black veins against snow-white background.

We’re All a Little Manhattan at Heart

From fashion to food, trends that begin in New York often spread across the country and then the world. You don’t need a Manhattanite’s budget to enjoy the beauty and lasting quality of marble, especially when so many options of thickness, slabs and finishes are readily available.

Working with a local countertop team can help you narrow down what you love, all while sticking to your budget. Plus, being able to see slab samples in person and touch them can make a big difference.

A designer with New York’s Avery Hall Investments says, “When you touch marble, it has a different feel.”

It’s difficult to choose a slab that actually works with your room and genuine taste simply by flipping through a magazine or scrolling through an online inventory. The touch, the look and the edges you choose all can change drastically when you see a slab in person.

Rely on Intermountain Stone and Marble for all your marble counter needs (and more!).

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