Marble Countertops Equal Instant Luxury

It’s easy to see how marble countertops add value to a home, but are they realistic for everyday use?


You may have heard that marble isn’t as durable as quartz or granite, but that’s like saying 18-carat gold isn’t as durable as 14-carat. The differences are minute, and virtually nonexistent if you follow basic care instructions.

Every natural stone countertop (except quartz) requires upkeep that includes regular re-sealing. However, sealing once a year is fast, easy and only takes a few minutes. To get that marble appeal, it’s well worth it.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means that it begins as a sedimentary dolomite/limestone. After being treated with heat and pressure, it turns into the gorgeous stone you know. The unique characteristics, or marbling, of the rock come from of the impurities in the natural sediment.

Those materials crystallize in the heat. The fewer impurities there are, the whiter the end product.

Fit for Royalty

Unless you luck out and find a natural stone slab that perfectly fits your needs (very rare!), you’re going to have to depend on the stone’s softness to achieve custom sizes.

Marble is softer than many other stones, which makes it easier to manipulate. This can result in a finished product that’s more workable than others.

It’s easier to fashion into posh edges or personalized fabrication details. Ask any natural stone workers, and they’ll choose marble over granite any day!

Granite is a challenge to cut, and much easier to damage in the fabrication stage. Of course, that won’t be an issue for any reputable granite worker. However, it’s still worth taking into consideration, especially if you have a particularly detailed finish in mind.

Marble Peaks

For many homeowners, there’s no comparison to marble when it comes to classic aesthetics. The looks are what attract many people to this stone.

If you’re looking for bright white, the next best stone is going to be quartz. Quartz is, of course, technically a natural stone, but it’s one that’s much more manipulated than marble. You simply can’t compare the two.

Bakers love marble because it’s a naturally cool stone, which keeps dough from sticking. Since it’s not a heat conductor, you can safely put your fresh-out-of-the-oven goodies on it without the risk of them continuing to bake. (Still, just like any stone, never put a hot pan directly on it!)

Does marble sound like your perfect kitchen match? Call Intermountain Stone & Marble today for all your countertop needs, and to talk with a professional about the advantages and potential of installing marble countertops in your home.

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