Who Did Your Countertops? Nothing Is Better Than Customer Word Of Mouth!


We received this email the other day from a very satisfied customer and wanted to share it with our readers:

Hi Debbie,

I apologize for not sending this email sooner…too many other things going on!

Anyway, I just want you to know how excited we are with our newly installed countertops. It is beyond our expectation. I truly appreciate your invaluable input during my visits. The Black Pearl (exterior counters) is stunning but the Bordeaux River (Island), surpasses my vision of it standing on its side at Contempo the last time I saw it. It absolutely should have been my first choice all along. I have to admit, I had nightmares after making the decision on the Bordeaux River because I couldn’t envision the final product. I realized I had to place my trust in the fabricating–to the hands who have transformed many a kitchen through the years. When I first saw it in place, I knew that trust wasn’t misplaced! The placement of the pattern was perfect. It captured all the patterns and coloring that I hoped it would. What’s even more intriguing is–I see patches of the Netuno Bordeaux I initially fell in love with, in the pattern–yet with all the definite characteristics of the Bordeaux River.

Kudos to your fabricators but especially you. You were so patient in answering my questions and giving suggestions.

Everyone who has seen our kitchen ask, “Who did your countertops!” You can guess how quickly I respond–Intermountain Stone, and you should see Debbie, the office manager. She’s amazing.”

THANKS Debbie!

–Maryanne G.

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