Quartz Countertops and a Natural Stone Look

In today’s design world across numerous mediums, mixing and matching is a vital area. The combinations of textures, colors and styles found in designs are becoming more and more important, and this theme extends to major home remodeling projects as well.

At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we’re here to help if you’re looking for great combination options for your new kitchen or bath remodel. One common combination in our industry is the meshing of quartz countertops, which are very versatile in both style and practicality, with natural stone like marble or something similar. You want to get the benefit of simple maintenance and great durability that quartz offers, but with some of the beautiful looks of natural stone. Here are a few options that are at your disposal.

Marble-Like Options

Marble is all the rage when it comes to natural stone in home design, but it can run a bit more expensive than quartz and isn’t as versatile in its application. If you don’t quite have the budget for marble itself, though, there are several quartz options out there that lend a very similar aesthetic without sacrificing any of quartz’s overall benefits.

Through these kinds of quartz, you can achieve natural stone countertop looks that are paired with fantastic durability – all for an affordable price. These kinds of designs, especially when richer or darker, can pair very well with flooring tiles, which we’ll go over in just a bit.

Carrara Imitations and Tile Pairings

Another highly desirable design format is Carrara marble, a high-quality marble format used in various sculpting and building applications. Carrara marble is quarried directly from the city of Carrara, at the northernmost tip of Tuscany, Italy.

Again, though, the real thing here can come with a hefty price tag and may lack some of the physical qualities of quartz. Luckily, though, there are also Carrara quartz styles, with white designs and a soft grey veining pattern that appears just like true Carrara marble. These styles pair perfectly with rustic wall tiles, which add texture to these beautiful materials. Because they’re quartz, these countertops will remain bright white and resistant to bacteria.

Flooring Combinations

Many people choose to match their countertops with their flooring, especially in the kitchen, and quartz options are perfect if you’re going down these lines. There are numerous rich, darker quartz styles available that pair perfectly with hardwood flooring types of all styles. Because quartz is so versatile in both design and function, it allows you to prioritize a variety of complementary designs like flooring or wall tiles and know that you’ll always have good matching options available for your countertops.

To learn more about how quartz can help you achieve that combination natural stone look, or for information on any of our granite or marble countertops, speak to the pros at Intermountain Stone & Marble Company today.