Remodeling Your Kitchen: Where to Start

Kitchens are the most popular room in the house to renovate. However, it’s a big job both in terms of cost and effort. Before you tear down your kitchen’s walls, there are several factors to consider.

Read on to learn about the benefits of a kitchen remodel.

Will Remodeling My Kitchen Pay Off?

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of their home. If you’ve considered remodeling your space but feel too nervous to start, you should take the plunge. Kitchen remodels can result in energy savings, modernity, and boost your home’s value.

Are you ready to begin your renovation journey? Follow these three tips to get you started.

1. Establish Your Must-Haves

The first step to remodeling your kitchen is visualizing the result. Similar to house hunting, picturing your end goal helps you narrow down your options and establish a budget. When it comes to kitchen renovations, the possibilities are endless; however, your budget is limited, and you should focus on chic and functional upgrades.

Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down your must-haves list:

  • Do you need more storage?
  • Do you want more space for entertainment?
  • What do you dislike most about your kitchen?
  • What do you want to see more of?
  • What do you want to see less of?
  • Do you need to change your layout?
  • What do you need to upgrade? If you’re planning on selling your house in the future, invest in upgrades that will add value to your home.

2. Map Out Your Space

Make sure you lay out your kitchen in a way that prioritizes safety. Here are a few guidelines to follow when you’re mapping out your space:

  • Counters: Plan to have at least 36 inches of counter space for food preparation.
  • Appliances: Take note of the direction and depth of swinging appliance doors, such as your refrigerator’s doors. If you plan to place your fridge next to a wall, make sure the door swings in the opposite direction.
  • Walkways: Leave sufficient room for foot traffic.

3. Aim for a High-Quality Setup

Don’t be afraid to splurge on your must-haves. Invest in high-quality, functional items to enhance your experience in the kitchen and add resale value. Do the following:

  • Swap out your old cabinets for ones made of deep, natural wood, or opt for stainless and paneled ones for an elegant look.
  • Upgrade your countertops to marble, quartz, or granite for a long-lasting, beautiful surface.
  • Buy new appliances for your kitchen, such as a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and any other items you use regularly.

When you invest in high-quality upgrades, you likely won’t need to renovate again for as long as you live in that house.

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