Sell Your Home Fast: Update Your Kitchen Design

Want to sell your home fast? Depending on your neighborhood and the real estate market, this could be an easy task, or it might be much more difficult. What can you do to hurry the process along?

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

A tried-and-true way to make your home attractive to potential buyers is to update your kitchen. This room and the master bathroom are especially important to potential buyers. And since the prospective buyer touring your home will probably see your kitchen first, it’s where you should start your updating process to set the tone and make a great first impression.

Check the Hardware

It might be a minor detail, but one of the areas homeowners can change on a small budget is their cabinet hardware. You’d be surprised how much modern, updated hardware contributes to your kitchen’s design. New knobs and soft-close drawer devices enhance the enjoyment and functionality of a kitchen.

Renew the Cabinet Finish

Is the finish on your cabinets wearing? Chipped paint and scratched cabinet doors don’t say high-end, they say “worn out.” Sanding and painting or refinishing your cabinets is a great way to update your built-ins.

Throw Out Your Formica

Now on to our specialty area: the countertops. Are your counters Formica, laminate or old tile? This doesn’t communicate custom, beauty or value. Natural stone like quartz, marble or granite can become the showpiece of your home, not just your kitchen.

Inspect the Flooring

The flooring is another major integral piece of kitchen design. Vinyl flooring or cracked porcelain tile just makes your potential buyer want to look elsewhere. If you don’t fix it, they’ll have to do it themselves, and it’s extra work they don’t want.

Refinish or install new flooring that complements the rest of your kitchen design.

Update with Paint

Your kitchen will look better with a fresh coat of paint because it makes the room look cleaner.

Set Your Home Apart

Ultimately, the vibe you create for potential buyers who enter your kitchen will determine how fast you sell your home. Intermountain Stone & Marble Company is here to help. With custom-crafted quartz, granite and marble countertops, we can help you design a beautiful kitchen that will wow potential buyers and make it easy for you to sell your home fast for the price you want. Call us today to get a quote for your project.

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