Should My Kitchen Island Match the Rest of My Kitchen?

Kitchen island design can be very personal, and trends change all the time. You may wonder, “Should my island match the rest of my kitchen?”

What if you want to stand out from your neighbors? Your options for countertops, cabinetry, island design, and flooring are nearly unlimited, so it can be hard to make a decision.

We’ll break down your options for your island so that you understand all the possibilities for the most important room in your home. To match or not to match? Let us help you decide.

Kitchen Island Elements

First, you need to understand the range of elements over which you have control when it comes to your island.

  • Size: The size of your island will depend on the size of your kitchen; if it has a sink; if you’ll need stools; and other factors. You can upsize or downsize according to your needs.
  • Orientation: Your island can be oriented in a variety of ways. It can run parallel to your cabinets (galley style) or perpendicular. You might want your island to face a certain direction or fill a large space at a diagonal angle.
  • Shape: Most islands are rectangular, but don’t let that limit you. Square and even round islands might suit your needs.
  • Features: Many kitchen islands have a sink, but ranges, dishwashers, and even microwaves can be hosted within the island.
  • Countertop: You can experiment with color and material when it comes to countertops. Quartz and marble are popular, but there are also modern trends in wood and concrete.
  • Cabinetry: The underneath section of your island is usually a large piece of cabinetry. It might be a plain block, or you could have drawers and cabinets. You might also consider molding and other features in the wood.
  • Paint: You can paint your island any color under the sun. Go for a gloss or matte finish, or even just stain the wood.

Match or Contrast?

Do you need to match your island to the rest of your kitchen? NO. In fact, we recommend doing something that creates a focal point. Here are a few ideas for your island.

Contrasting Paint: Try using an accent color on your island that pops against your other cabinetry—but keeping the countertops the same to tie it all together.

Lighten Up: If you have a darker or more expressive (think a dramatic marble) countertop on your other counters, try a lighter countertop on your island for contrast.

Monochrome: You can try something new but subtle by staying within the same color family. If your countertops are gray, you can try using darker or lighter shades of the gray.

Try Something: Test the waters by using a peel-and-stick tile, wallpaper, or other temporary material on the bottom of your island to see what you like and what can bring life into your kitchen. 

A Countertop Solution

Your kitchen island is a functional, gathering place. It’s essential to choose the right surfaces and colors for this space so that you enjoy it and can use it well. Intermountain Stone & Marble has every option you could want—and more.

We service Salt Lake County. See how you can transform your kitchen with us.

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