Stone Counters in the Closet?

You know the benefit of stone countertops in the kitchen and bathroom — those are rooms in the home where granite, marble, quartz and travertine look stunning. But what about your closets?

Take a tour of a luxury home and you’ll find walk-in closets the size of bedrooms. They’re replete with a gorgeous centerpiece, often holding jewelry or other accessories. Some of the shelving might be adjustable, but in the high-end homes, shelves are often fixed. They also feature gorgeous natural stone that doesn’t just look fantastic, but is also built to last.

You need stone counters in closets for the same reason you need them in kitchens and baths: for the durability and added home value. Closets are busy places brimming with hardware (belt buckles and such) as well as heavy loads.

You want your closet to last a lifetime, and more importantly you want to enjoy your time in there. What’s the point of a walk-in closet if it can’t be your personal retreat?

Indulging in Pampering

Closets are no longer the shut-aways they once were. They now feature skylights, chandeliers and lit shelving. In some homes, stackable washers and dryers are located right in these spacious rooms, making it easier to put away your freshly laundered garments.

People are spending more time in their closet — and they’re enjoying that time. It’s part showcase, part retreat and part functional space.

Like any place where you spend a good amount of time (or give tours to your green-with-envy friends), you don’t want boring features. Louboutin shoes deserve better than a plywood shelf or cardboard boxes. If you want to show off your closet, you need the right setting. Stone counters give you that appeal.

Choosing the Right Stone

Unlike kitchens and baths, you don’t have to worry about water, grease and grime in walk-in closets. The choice between marble and quartz isn’t all about maintenance and which one will stain.

In a closet, the odds of water damage or stains are slim to none. This is the perfect excuse to indulge in a stone that’s a little more sensitive and a little higher maintenance without breaking the bank. Plus, the square footage of counters/shelves you need won’t compare to a kitchen, so you can opt for a more expensive stone without worrying about your budget.

There’s no best stone for closets, but you should choose a pattern and color that complements the overall design. Do you want light and bright? Marble or quartz might be safe bets.

Are you going for dark and intimate? Try out exotic granite to set the mood. No matter what you have in mind, rely on Intermountain Stone & Marble for all your stone countertop needs, whether you’re decking out a closet, laundry room, wine cellar or kitchen.

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