Stone Countertop Installation Checklist for Your New Kitchen

Your stone countertop installation is one of the final steps in your kitchen remodel. That gorgeous granite, quartz or marble stone will be the crowning glory of your kitchen and make your vision come to life. But to help make your stone countertop installation a success, you and your contractor need to follow some key steps.

Measure and Plan Seam Location

Your countertop’s template is extremely important. Your contractor will sketch out the dimensions ahead of time, and these measurements have to be right. Your cabinets and appliances should be in place at this time. You should also have all the faucets, sinks, cooktops and any other fixtures that will be installed within the countertop on hand as well.

During the template creation appointment, your contractor will talk to you about where the seams of each slab will go and get your approval. This is the final step before your new countertop is manufactured and prepared for installation.

Secure Cabinets and Appliances Ahead of Installation

If you will be replacing lower cabinets or appliances, make sure this step of the kitchen renovation is complete before stone countertop installation. It’s obvious why you need your cabinets in place, but it’s just as important to have the appliances in place as well. Even if your counters are off by only one eighth of an inch, it can still obstruct appliance placement, throwing a serious snag in your remodeling plans.

Prepare Work Site

Make sure the kitchen area is clean and you have a clear path to the doorway. Take out all items in the lower cabinets. You will be required to disconnect all electrical and plumbing connections, as your countertop contractor likely isn’t allowed to do so for liability reasons, unless it has been agreed upon beforehand.

Keep Area Clear During Installation

Installing your new countertop is a sensitive, detailed project, so it’s important to keep children and pets away from the work area while your contractor is on the job. Your contractor may have to trim the edges to ensure it fits properly. This can create a significant amount of dust, so you may want to cover your vents to prevent spreading it throughout your home.

Cleanup Time

After the new counter is in place, you and your contractor will review the project to make sure it’s been installed according to your specifications and the design scheme. They will clean up the work site and leave you with your beautiful stone counter, all ready for years of meal prep!

Intermountain Stone handles the stone countertop installation process with care. We are Utah’s premier stone counter fabricator and installer, ready to serve you next and help complete your kitchen renovation.

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