Stone Countertop Installation Facts

Your stone countertop installation is one of the most exciting stages of the renovation process. You’ve come so far — redesigning your kitchen or bath and preparing for a whole new look. Your natural stone surface is the finishing touch, and you’re ready to see it in all its glory.

When you’re preparing for stone countertop installation, keep the following tips in mind and you’ll have a flawless finished product in no time.

1. Cabinets Must Be Level and Secure

A stone countertop installation will look right only if the slab is even and level, which means the cabinets beneath must be level.

Talk to your cabinet installer and make sure they’ve prepared the cabinets properly. If there is more than a quarter inch difference over 10 feet, the cabinets are not ready for a stone countertop installation. Also, the cabinets must be secured firmly to the floor before the counter installers arrive.

2. Plywood May Be Required to Support the Weight

Make sure you talk to your stone countertop installation team about the weight of your slab and what’s required for a successful finish. If your slab is a certain thickness, you may need plywood secured on top of cabinets to add more support.

3. Sinks, Faucets and Cooktops Must Be On-Site

Make sure your sinks, faucets and cooktops are already ordered and on-site before countertop installation. This is required for the team to cut inserts that are accurate. If your kitchen isn’t prepared properly, the team may have to come back to complete the job another day, delaying your completion date.

4. Decide on Seams Ahead of Time

It’s important that your stone counter company come to your home, map out your kitchen and go over the counter seams with you before installation day. This will prevent any surprises or disappointments — you’ll know the exact size of each counter slab and how they will fit together in the design.

5. You Have to Be There During Install

Most importantly, remember that you have to be home for the installation. This ensures that you have the final say on any decisions and you’re happy with the outcome. If you can’t be there, make sure another adult you trust is there throughout the installation, which can take up to six hours.

Find a Company You Trust

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