Stone Countertops for Your Office — Think Outside the Cubicle

Stone countertops are gorgeous in the kitchen, stupendous in the bathroom and unexpectedly beautiful in the office. Maybe you wouldn’t think an office would be third on the list of ideal spaces for stone countertops, but picture your workspace renovated with natural stone. Impressive, right?

What Does Stone Convey?

Stone countertops bring value to your business because they enhance your image.

Stone is the picture of longevity. It creates a sense of permanence. For nearly any business in any industry, that’s a positive message to convey to your customers, and to your employees.

Beyond providing a feeling of strength, natural stone also offers elegance. It can create a sense of calm as a tie to the natural world. And nothing about this image enhancement is obvious, which makes it all the more powerful.

Make the Reception Area Stunning

Stone counters in the reception area greet newcomers the moment they enter. A first impression sets the tone for their visit, and as the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Stone countertops help this initial interaction be all it can be and leave your customers feeling assured they’re being taken care of by a professional.

Impress with Your Conference Room

Do you commonly host meetings with clients or partners? Don’t skimp on your conference room. Your business can become a hub of profitability when you invest in the little details that all add up to create one larger picture of success. A stone counter at the center of your conference room can define the mood of the space.

When Image Is Everything

All businesses can benefit from the beauty of natural stone in many places in their office design, but in certain industries, it matters more. Lawyers, accountants, builders, doctors — all these professionals want their clients to immediately trust their expertise and professionalism, and stone counters can help.

Where Would Your Customers and Employees Rather Spend Their Time?

Ultimately, it’s all about delivering better value and a more memorable experience than your competitor. You want to retain your employees and encourage your customers to return. All other things being equal, customers will prefer a space with stone countertops.

At Intermountain Stone & Marble, we are fully dedicated to bringing the beauty of natural stone countertops into your office space. Are you ready to get your free quote? Call us today or visit to see our incredible selections of quartz, granite and marble.

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