The Best Stones For Your Fireplace Surround

A stone fireplace surround can improve the overall look and feel of your space and lend an air of luxury to any home.

Fireplaces are the perfect way to add comfort, style, and coziness to your home. And if you want to cultivate a warm and inviting ambiance, choosing the right stone for your mantle, hearth, and surround is essential. There are many options out there, and selecting the perfect stone for your home can feel intimidating. We’ve created the following short guide to help you find the best stone for your fireplace surround, whether it’s new or existing.

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Is Stone the Best Fireplace Surround Option?

Stone is one of the most common materials for fireplace surrounds for many reasons. Because a fireplace is often the center and focal point of a room, aesthetics are considered to be essential. The options for stone fireplace surrounds are plentiful — they come in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors that can match any design style or aesthetic. 

In addition to being highly versatile, stone is also incredibly durable. It can handle the rigors of everyday wear and tear thanks to its hard, scratch-resistant nature and high heat tolerance. Lastly, stone is a better value, especially in the long run, than other lower-end materials. It won’t require nearly as many repairs, and the premium material can add value to your property.

Common Stone Fireplace Surround Materials

Stone is a popular and highly sought-after material for fireplace surrounds. Here are a few of our favorite options:

GRANITE — Granite is a great choice for fireplace surrounds because it is durable, low maintenance, and attractive. You have seemingly endless options to choose from! To keep its expensive, high-end look, you will only have to seal it once each year. With proper care, it will look good for decades to come.

MARBLE — If you are going for a refined, elegant look, marble is a great material for your fireplace surround. While marble fireplaces make for a gorgeous focal point, they require a bit more maintenance than granite. But with the proper upkeep and extra care, your marble fireplace will look beautiful.

QUARTZ — Because quartz is typically made up of 90-93% quartz and 7-10% resin, it makes for an incredibly durable stone. It is resistant to cracking, scuffing, chipping, staining, and burning and is highly heat resistant, which makes it perfect for a fireplace surround material. Quartz comes in many different colors, and some have a marble look to them but don’t come with the upkeep.

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