Tips on Achieving a More Spacious Kitchen

At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we’re proud to be your first stop for custom stone fabrication services. Our granite, marble and quartz countertops are all made using high-quality craftsmanship and care, and are perfect for several different areas of the home or building. 

Perhaps the most common area our countertops are commissioned for is the kitchen, a central hub of nearly any home or building. New countertops are just one part of what might be a full-on kitchen remodel in some cases, and the goal from many homeowners in these situations is, at least in part, to make the space look and feel more spacious for both residents and guests alike. How can this be accomplished during the countertop and remodel process? Here are a few basic tips we can recommend keeping in mind. 

Color Scheme

Color is one of the primary tools you have at your disposal for opening up a given space. In particular, you want to lean toward neutral shades like white, off-white or various light pastels. These color schemes can be applied not only to your countertops, but also to your walls and cabinet areas for consistency. 

To make this pop, we recommend accents of color in certain parts of the kitchen as well. A bright stripe on cabinets or along an opposite wall lends the illusion of depth, plus prevents the room from becoming dull or bland. 

Lighting and Reflection

It’s also important to consider your lighting, both on its own and for how it will reflect off various elements of the redesigned kitchen. You might consider items like tinted glass cabinet doors, for instance, which can go a long way to complementing a neutral countertop color. Some homeowners also look to areas like mirror tiles for the countertops or back bar, as these provide the illusion of more space. 

In addition, be sure to consider your natural and indoor light here separately. There are certain forms of lighting that natural light just can’t replicate – think of recessed lights underneath cabinets or countertops, which remove dark corners that shrink the visible space. But when you can capitalize on natural sunlight, doing so can also help a room feel much larger. 

Stripes and Accents

Many designers are fond of the wide horizontal stripe pattern, which is known to immediately draw eyes to the back of a given room. If you don’t want to paint entire walls or areas in this manner, consider painting the bottom edge of cabinets or countertops in a shade that matches the wall color, just for consistency. 


Finally, your flooring can lend a big hand in terms of opening the room up. If you’re using neutral colors for your walls or countertops, consider solid dark tones for the flooring that will complement this and really broaden the look of the space. If you use wood, make sure your pattern remains across the entire length of the room.For more on using countertops and other remodeling tactics to make your kitchen feel more spacious, or to learn about any of our stone counters, speak to the pros at Intermountain Stone & Marble today. 

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