Traditional Stone Counters Trump Concrete

Can’t decide between traditional stone counters like granite and something trendier like concrete?

Concrete counters certainly have some advantages, and in some situations make the most sense. However, it’s the rare residential kitchen or bathroom that pairs best with concrete. In most cases, homeowners will enjoy granite, quartz, marble or other classic stone counter picks over the industrial-looking concrete counters that are popping up all over home design magazines.

Surprisingly, concrete needs to be sealed just like granite and many other stone counters. If you’re hoping to save a little extra money by choosing a stone that doesn’t need sealing, concrete isn’t for you. However, quartz might be the right pick.

Concrete offers truly unlimited color options, but the more lavish you go, the costlier it will be. Many homeowners are (sticker) shocked by the actual price of concrete counters, which often cost the same or much more than granite, marble, quartz and others.

Stone Counters to Last a Lifetime

Concrete offers customization with any type of edge, surface, insert and shape you want without any of those pesky seams. Since it’s set in liquid form, personalization is its biggest perk. However, the basic concrete countertop, which is 1½ inches thick with no color customization and often no sealer, is close in price to mid-grade granite.

You might also run into some trouble if you’re a home cook looking for a gourmet kitchen, because sealed concrete can show damage more than other stone counters.

Concrete, like many stone counters, can often last a lifetime or longer with adequate care and maintenance. However, concrete as a residential countertop is a new concept. It’s unclear whether such a unique countertop will remain in style and desirable in the future.

Concrete is extremely industrial-looking and not appealing to all home buyers, so beware if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Expert Installers

Having professional stone counter installers who do guaranteed, insured work is paramount, regardless of the material. Fortunately, stone counter installers are highly experienced in the Murray, Utah, area. Concrete counter installers aren’t as readily available, and concrete is shockingly difficult to work with where countertops are concerned. It’s not like a concrete driveway!

You only want and deserve the absolute best installers, no matter what countertop surface you choose. A DIY approach is a big gamble. Find out more about your stone counter options today, and call Intermountain Stone and Marble, your local professionals.

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