Types of Granite Edges ​

Selecting the perfect edge for your granite countertop is just as important as the slab itself. You’ve picked the color, the thickness and the finish, but the edge is the icing on your stone cake.

Right now, a popular trend is a waterfall edge, where the granite extends from the counter/tabletop over the edge and all the way to the floor. It’s an added expense because you need bigger slabs for the effect, but it’s a focal point and showstopper.

Plus, even though it’s trendy, it has a timeless quality so you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated.

For most homeowners, a traditional one-quarter round edge is ideal. It’s a soft rounding, taking a bit of the harshness out of an otherwise straight edge.

As an added bonus, if your granite is hip height, you’re less likely to hurt yourself should you accidentally bump into it. Softer edges are also desirable for anyone with small children in the home who might hit their heads on sharp corners.

Get an Edge

The practical straight cut, with sharper corners, is also popular, particularly in spacious homes without small children. It offers a clean look and is favored by in-home chefs. The one-quarter bevel option, which cuts off corners for a half-round look, is also a way to give your kitchen or bathroom a slightly different appearance without choosing a wildly different edge finish.

However, if you do want to make a bold statement, consider the ogee edge for your granite. It’s what you’ll find in ancient castles and palaces, with a swooping design dripping with richness. With just the right amount of ornate, it gives your room that extra oomph and pairs perfectly with all types of granite. Give a more subdued, solid granite something special with an ogee edge, or really go all out with your unique high-end slab.

Round Granite

If you want a rounder edge than what a one-quarter provides, perhaps the half bullnose, demi bullnose, or full bullnose is for you.

The full bullnose wraps the round edge completely, so you have a rounded edge on top of your slab and below. The half bullnose, aptly named, is only rounded on the top edge of the slab. The demi is also only rounded on top, but the slope is wider than a traditional bullnose, which can add an extra touch of softness to your granite.

For homeowners who love the look of the demi bullnose for granite but want something a little more attention-grabbing, a full 1-inch bevel might be the answer. You get 1 inch of a sharper slope, which is a great opportunity to show off the colors and swirls of a high-end granite piece. This option is especially great for slabs with rich hues, swirls and contrasts.

From waterfall to classic straight edges, the quality of your slab, edging and installation make all the difference. Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble for your complete granite countertop needs from start to finish.

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