Upgrading Countertops Before You Sell: Guidelines to Follow

Countertops are a part of a complete home renovation, but once you’ve decided to sell, maybe your heart isn’t in the project anymore. After all, what’s the point of investing in beautiful counters and all the other essential components of a redesign if you won’t be around to enjoy it?

One reason: It pays off. In a buyer’s market, you need to stand out from the crowd to close the deal. In a seller’s market (or any market), you want to drive that asking price sky-high to get the most you can. If your home isn’t ready for a close-up, it’s time to think about (or continue) your renovation project.

Look at the Neighborhood

When you’re setting parameters for a renovation budget or style focus, especially when you’re renovating in order to sell, check out what the neighbors are doing with their countertops. Are they all moving to marble? Is granite still a top seller?

Go to open houses or talk with local real estate agents about what is selling and what’s not. Look at how long homes have been on the market and the final selling prices. This will give you an idea of how much effort to put into your own home, and what you can expect to gain.

Just Upgrading Countertops Usually Isn’t Enough

Countertops become the centerpiece of many kitchen renovations. But when you are renovating to get a higher return on a home sale, you can’t replace counters only. It’s always smart to upgrade from Formica or tile, but if you don’t also replace flooring and paint cabinets in a dated kitchen, new counters will only look out of place.

Don’t Just Work on the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the first stop on the open house tour, but it’s not the only place buyers are looking for beauty. They’re also checking out the bathroom. It’s where they’ll spend time every morning and it’s where they will direct their guests. It has to be impressive.

While the kitchen can often become a never-ending renovation task list, it’s often more feasible to re-do the bathroom on a budget, and new countertops always are essential here as well.

On Trend — On Budget

No matter what, make sure you stay on trend when you are renovating to sell. From countertops to kitchen cabinet hardware, build what buyers want, and you won’t regret your decision. It’s not the time to go bold and unique — save that for your future dream home.

Besides keeping with trends, also stick to your budget. Going over the set amount might mean you don’t get as much of a return as you planned, which would negate your effort. Save your extra cash for your next home!

Intermountain Stone & Marble Company can show you plenty of options for new countertops, no matter if you’re shopping for your current home or the one you hope to own soon. Come to our showroom and check out all the slabs we have to choose from!

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