What Factors Affect the Cost of Marble Countertops?

Are marble countertops worth the money? You’ve probably noticed that it costs more to outfit your kitchen with this type of stone, and maybe you’ve wondered why.

While there’s a major difference in how marble looks compared to other countertop options, you want to be sure you’re getting the most value for your money. When it comes to choosing the marble countertops for your kitchen design, what factors make some options more expensive than others?

Where the Marble Comes From

Marble that’s mined locally will be much cheaper than stone shipped from distant ZIP codes or other countries. Marble from Italy or Brazil will cost more, due to import and export taxes, as well as the cost to ship it into the U.S.

Specialty Design Edges

Do you want a waterfall effect? Do you prefer an ogee or a beveled edge?

The design you choose for the edge shape of the marble will play into the cost as well. Specialty formations will cost more, since they take time and precision to craft. If you’re already investing in marble, make sure you get the look you want. What you choose for the edges will offer an extra impact on the total design.

Slab Thickness

How thick would you like your countertops? You could go with a normal 3-centimeter thickness, or you could indulge in a more substantial 5-centimeter slab to give added dimension to the richness of the look. Keep in mind that the thicker the slab, the higher the price.

The Finishing Touch

Typically, homeowners will choose between a honed or polished finish. Whereas a polished look will give your stone a beautiful shine, a honed finish lets the marble’s natural beauty take center stage.

If you’d like a premium finish, such as a leather or brushed look, you’ll have to pay more, depending on the capabilities and pricing scheme your installer follows.

Total Installation Costs

If the installer has to place multiple countertop sections, all of different shapes and sizes, it will take longer to complete the job, so it will cost more. It’s not always the stone itself that affects the cost of marble countertops — sometimes it’s your kitchen design.

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