What Stone Is Best for Bathroom Counters?

You’re renovating, and your bathroom counters are next. You’re done with faded, peeling laminate. It’s time to upgrade to natural stone. The only question is, which type?

Bathroom renovations immediately raise the value of your home … especially when you do it right. Whether you’re a proud do-it-yourselfer or you have a contractor on call, you must take the time to think carefully about the right type of bathroom counters to fit your remodel. It can make or break the final product!

Plan Your Powder Room

First, think about how often you and your family use the bathroom. Does everyone shower there first thing in the morning? High-traffic areas usually mean more of a mess to contend with — not like a small powder room only used by guests.

Also consider how long you plan to live in your home. If you’re creating your dream bathroom and expect to use it for decades to come, it pays to splurge on high-end materials. If you’re going to sell soon, consider how much of a return on your investment you’ll get.

Upgrades Deliver Value

A bathroom remodel is always worthwhile, but some upgrades are worth more than others. A solid surface countertop may look nice, but real, natural stone has tangible value. Not only does it look and feel great, it sets an authentic, upscale tone that potential buyers will notice the moment they enter the space.

Consider the Maintenance Factor

Some of the most popular choices for bathroom counters include marble, granite and quartz, but each of these stones requires a different level of maintenance.

With marble, sealing is preferable because it helps prevent staining. Marble is a porous stone that absorbs spills. Granite is denser and less porous, but still requires regular sealing to preserve the counter’s natural color.

Quartz is the only stone you don’t ever have to worry about sealing. Since it’s nonporous, it’s basically the best maintenance-free option for the homeowner who wants a lasting, gorgeous look without having to give their bathroom counters a second thought.

Think About the Sink

You can’t choose bathroom counters without also considering the sink. It’s important to talk to your countertop installer or contractor about how your sink will be mounted — some require certain types of countertop materials depending on their configuration.

Depend on Us

Above all else, make sure you choose a quality, natural stone from a supplier with a proven track record. If you want a durable, beautiful product, visit Intermountain Stone and check out our incredible selection of polished stone bathroom counters, fit to be customized any way you’d like.

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