What to Look for In Bathroom Countertops


Whether you’re adding a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is selecting your bathroom countertops.

Bathrooms undoubtedly face a lot of wear and tear over the years, not to mention tons of dirt, grime, and germs. Because of this, most homeowners want to choose a countertop for this space that is durable and can stand up to constant use for years to come. 

While functionality certainly needs to be high up on your priority list as you select your counters, bathroom counters do not take the same beating that kitchen counters do — that is, assuming you are not using marble rolling pins or sharp steak knives in your bathroom. 

This is great news since you can let other factors such as colors, look, and feel play a role in which countertops you choose for your bathroom. Let’s take a deeper look into what you should look for when choosing your bathroom counters. 

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5 Characteristics to Look for in Your Bathroom Countertops

Selecting the finishes in your home can be overwhelming, as there are many things to consider as you make these decisions. And choosing your bathroom counters is no different. To help you along this journey of choosing the countertops for your bathrooms, we will guide you along the way and fill you in on five things to look out for. Here’s what you know:

  1. Durability 

As mentioned above, durability is an important characteristic of bathroom countertops. These spaces are essentially a type of workspace, especially in the primary suite. It is crucial for your counters to be able to stand up to everything, dropping hair dryers, dripping toothpaste, and more!

  1. Easy to Clean 

Maintaining sanitary conditions in your bathroom is critical in keeping your family healthy, which is why an easy-to-clean countertop is important. Not only do you want your counters to be able to stand up to everyday use, but they also can handle regular cleanings and are compatible with your favorite cleaning product.

  1. Cost Friendly 

While budgets vary from one homeowner to the next, it is important to keep the cost of materials and installation in mind as you make your decisions. Depending on the material you choose and where you buy it, prices for countertops can range from $40 to $100 per square foot.

  1. Availability 

Like many things in the building industry, there are many chain supply issues that we are currently facing. Make sure, as you make your decision, to chat with your supplier about availability. Even the shortest delay in delivery or installation can cause a major headache. 

  1. Aesthetics 

Next to durability and cost, aesthetics is usually up there on the list of a homeowner’s priorities. There are many options for countertops; you are more than likely to find something in the material, color, and finish you love. But because there are so many choices, it can be surprisingly overwhelming. So, here is a quick pro and cons list of some bathroom countertop options:

Granite Bathroom Countertops — Granite is a naturally occurring stone that has many beautiful patterns, including dramatic and simple veins of colors.


  • Beautiful and unique
  • Heat and scratch-resistant
  • Affordable 
  • Organic and natural


  • Porous material that needs to be resealed periodically
  • Sealer can become damaged if cleaned with acidic products

Laminate Bathroom Counters — A smooth top surface that is glued to a particle board base. 


  • Resistant to damage
  • Highly affordable


  • Under layers are vulnerable to water
  • Not high-end looking
  • Prone to damage, like chipping and scratching

Concrete Bathroom Countertops — Concrete counters offer a modern industrial look and can be fabricated off-site and installed or poured in place. 


  • Very customizable
  • DIY-able
  • Single slab with no seams
  • Wide range of style and color options


  • Extremely heavy
  • Very porous and requires sealing to resist stains and other signs of damage
  •  A messy process when poured on-site

Quartz Bathroom Counters — While quartz countertops are dated after a naturally occurring mineral, they are actually a manufactured material. It is comprised of quartz crumbles and powder, and resin and can be cast into a wide range of colors and shapes.


  • Heat, stain, and scratch-resistant, making it highly durable
  • Non-porous and does not require sealing


  • More expensive than granite
  • It cannot be cleaned with abrasives or bleach

Tile Bathroom Countertops — Tiles can be laid over a basic countertop.


  • Essentially countless options
  • Price is flexible depending on tile selection
  • Damaged tiles can be individually replaced
  • DIY friendly


  • Tile and grout require occasional sealing
  • Dated look and aesthetic 
  • Grout lines can be challenging (and tedious) to clean

Wooden Bathroom Counters — Wood counters can be fashioned from various types to match almost any style and custom-made to fit any space.


  • Flexible in shape and size
  • A modern, rustic look
  • Affordable


  • Vulnerable to water damage
  • Must be sealed and maintained regularly
  • Can expand and contract in humidity (especially near steamy baths and showers)

Marble Bathroom Countertops — Marble is a rich, natural stone mined from quarries and cut into slabs. It is considered by many to be the Rolls-Royce of countertops.


  • Expensive and luxurious look
  • Heat, chip, and scratch-resistant


  • Pricey
  • Naturally porous and susceptible to stains
  • Requires regular sealing

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