Which Master Bathroom Countertops Are Best?

Choosing master bathroom countertops is a key step in any major renovation process. The counters will dictate much of the rest of the design, from wall color to floor choice to shower tile.

You could argue that the vanity is a key piece of a master bathroom design. As such, the choice you make deserves plenty of thought before you invest. Look at our tips below while ruminating on your options.

Why Steer Away from Laminate and Tile

When you want to save money, some of the first options that may come to mind are laminate or tile. While these are budget-saving materials, they’re not the best for longevity.

Tile counters are prone to cracking, which requires repairs. They are also harder to keep clean, and dirt can accumulate in the grout. It doesn’t look good, and it can hard to eliminate.

Laminate counters are also a budget-friendly option. They can be manufactured to fit specific dimensions easily and there are plenty of colors and styles to fit any design. The risk you’ll take with solid-surface counters is that they could scorch when they come into contact with hot elements like a hair straightener.

What other options do you have?

The Master Should Exhibit Mastery

A master bathroom renovation contributes significantly to home value. Since it’s the room that could win over a potential buyer or simply create the relaxing environment you need to begin and end your day, it should exhibit craftsmanship and beauty.

And as the crowning piece of your bathroom vanity, the master bathroom countertops need to be luxurious. There is only one type of counter you should choose: natural stone.

Think About the Day-to-Day

Granite, quartz and marble are likely the top three natural stone materials you’ll find in a master bathroom. They each have their benefits, but since beauty is a trademark of all three, it comes down to how you use your bathroom.

Do you leave your curling iron on the vanity? Do you frequently find yourself wiping up oily makeup spills? If so, you need a stone that’s as hardy as it is beautiful. Think quartz or granite, but remember, granite must be sealed every year to maintain stain protection.

What other choices should you consider? We can give you detailed recommendations based on what we discover while chatting with you over the phone or on your visit to our showroom.

Our Elegant Offerings

At Intermountain Stone & Marble Company, we pride ourselves on delivering eye-catching, glorious master bathroom countertops worthy of a showroom. Come in today or call to find out more about our stock. We can’t wait to revitalize your master bathroom and turn it into the luxurious suite you deserve!

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