Which Natural Stone Countertop Is the Most Kid-Friendly?

Choosing a stone countertop can be a challenge, even more so if you have little ones in the house. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, you want your investment in a gorgeous kitchen to last, and picking the stone countertop that looks good but also serves your needs is vital. Kids have a way of expediting the wear and tear on surfaces, but luckily, there are plenty of stone countertops that can withstand everyday use for years. 

Consider Quartz Your Top Option

Quartz is a nonporous engineered stone. That means no matter the type of liquid you spill on it, you don’t have to worry about staining. Also, bacteria have less of an opportunity to stick around.

It’s difficult to chip or crack quartz, so you won’t cringe when your toddler drops a plate on it. Quartz is also very much on-trend right now, so it will attract buyers if you plan on selling anytime soon.

Soapstone Ages Well

You might remember soapstone from the industrial chemistry lab you frequented in college. That’s because soapstone is resistant to chemicals and acids. It’s safe to say you can put a hot pan down on it without a potholder and feel confident you won’t damage your counters.

While you have fewer choices when it comes to color, it’s possible to darken the shade of certain slabs using mineral oil. The rich elegance of soapstone could become the feature piece in your kitchen, despite your kids!

Granite Is a Great Choice

Countless articles are written on how difficult it is to work with granite. The truth is, as long as you seal it on a regular basis, it’s one of the toughest stones available. Granite is resilient, but it’s also beautifully original. Every slab has a unique variation and it can blend with a range of design styles. It is highly heat-resistant. Granite is always an attractive, smart option.

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Which stone fits your lifestyle? When you have a brood of children, that means sticky hands and accidental spills on a daily basis. So choose the stone countertop that makes your home a place you and your little ones feel comfortable living life to the fullest. Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble Company to view our inventory of quartz, soapstone, granite and many more choices. We can also help direct you to the right stone based on your design vision. Use our experience to your advantage — we want to help. Get in touch today!

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