Your Countertop Installation Guide

Your countertop installation won’t go smoothly unless you’re prepared and you take the right proactive steps to make sure your fabricator is set up for success. With years of experience working with homeowners to get their kitchen counters just right, we’ve established a guide to help you know what to do beforehand and while your countertops are being installed.

Do: Assess Whether Your Countertop Will Have Adequate Support

If you choose a heavy, thick, natural, stone slab, make sure it will have enough support. You might not be able to assess this on your own. Call in a contractor to test your cabinets’ strength, especially if you aren’t replacing them during your kitchen renovation.

Do: Get the Measurements Right

Communicating the right measurements is vital to a successful countertop installation. Your fabricator will be working off the template you create, so if something changes in advance of the installation or the measurements weren’t exactly right to begin with, it won’t fit well.

While there may be some adjusting on site the day of, anything other than a minor discrepancy can derail the entire project.

Do: Communicate any Defects to the Fabricator

Are there any defects in the shape or orientation of your cabinets or sink? If there are any special accommodations that must be made to ensure a proper fit, these must be shared well in advance.

Do: Prepare the Area Before the Installation Team Arrives

Clear the area of all obstacles so your installation team has a clear path into the house. After all, they’ll be carrying your expensive new stone counter — you don’t want any accidents to happen during the transition! Since countertop installation can get dusty, make sure you cover nearby furniture with dropcloths and be prepared to sweep or vacuum after it’s complete.

Don’t: Install Countertops Before Everything Else

The counters should always be the last thing you install — after the floors, appliances and any new cabinets. Trying to squeeze in appliances after the fact can result in damage. The only piece you won’t yet have installed is the sink. Your installation contractor will likely handle this for you, caulking it securely within the cutout in the stone.

Don’t: Make Other Plans for the Day of Installation

You must be home for the duration of the installation, which can take a few hours. You or another key decision-maker has to be available in case any last-minute changes are necessary.

Time for a Change?

Look no further than Intermountain Stone & Marble Company when you’re looking for a change. Our countertop installation process is straightforward and we work to bring the high-end look you love to your new kitchen on time and in line with your budget.

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