Your Quartz Countertop Maintenance Guide

Quartz countertop maintenance is arguably one of the easiest tasks to complete in your kitchen. It just needs occasional cleaning and care to look its best.

But what’s the best way to accomplish this without putting your beautiful new counters in harm’s way?

The Amazing Benefits of Quartz

One of the top advantages of quartz is that it’s nonporous. This means that bacteria and mildew won’t penetrate the surface. You don’t have to seal it like you do granite. And you don’t have to polish it — it stays glossy.

It looks clean and modern because it has a uniform color appearance. It’s also resistant to scratching and staining. Homeowners everywhere are catching on to these benefits, and that’s why quartz is growing in popularity, taking on granite and becoming a serious contender for the top choice for kitchen counters

For Everyday Cleaning

Quartz countertop maintenance starts with a daily wipe-down using hot water and a mild dish soap — that’s all you need. Even though quartz is durable, don’t use an abrasive sponge. Opt for gentle scrubbing to prevent damaging the surface.

Be careful when using harsh chemicals to clean up tough spills. Although quartz can withstand exposure to strong cleaners for a short time, you must thoroughly wipe away all traces of the solution.

The cleaners you should never use include solutions that are on either end of the pH spectrum. Cleaners that are either highly acidic or highly alkaline can threaten the bond between the quartz and the resin. Concentrated bleach, nail polish remover, drain cleaner and more are all potentially harmful to the stone.

What to Avoid

Even though quartz is strong, it’s not indestructible. Use a cutting board when dicing up fruits and veggies — don’t chop directly on the countertop.

It’s possible to place a hot pan on a quartz countertop for a brief period without dire consequences, but try to avoid it. Use a heat pad if you leave a hot pan or tray resting on the countertop for any length of time. Thermal shock is still a possibility, which can crack the stone. Also, the resin used to form the countertop can melt when exposed to high heat.

Invest in Your Home

Quartz counters are gorgeous, durable and they add value to your home. What else could you want?

Trust Intermountain Stone for reliable counter installation and time-tested tricks and tips on quartz countertop maintenance. We’re the local stone experts, and we’re here for you.

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