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5 Ways You Could Accidentally Be Damaging Your Stone Countertops


Did you know that you could be inadvertently causing damage to the stone countertops in your kitchen and other stone surfaces?

The countertops you put in your kitchen should last — and many types of stone are long-wearing, such as granite, marble, and quartz. Despite the durability found in these high-quality counters, damage can still occur with time if you do not take the proper precautions and are not careful. Get the highest return on your investment by avoiding these five common mistakes when using the stone counters in your home.

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5 Ways You May Be Inadvertently Hurting Your Stone Countertops

Are you making any of these countertop mistakes?

  1. TOO MUCH WEIGHT — It doesn’t matter how durable your counters are; they can still be susceptible to cracking under too much weight or pressure — especially in areas where they are not supported, such as overhangs. Instead of sitting on or climbing atop your countertops to reach something, use a chair or step stool. Fractures and cracks in your counters can be challenging to repair, not to mention expensive. 
  2. ACIDIC FOOD — Sealants are there to protect your stone counters from damage, but even the best products cannot always stand up to acidic food and liquids like vinegar, wine, and citrus juices. These can reduce shine, cause discoloration, stain, and even etch your beautiful stone countertops.
  3. USING COUNTERS AS CUTTING BOARDS — Sometimes, convenience wins, and you end up chopping directly on your countertops. Despite being made of durable materials, chopping on your counters can create minor scratches or nicks in the sealant, making the countertops more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, your knives can become duller more quickly. It’s best to use cutting boards whenever possible.
  4. HOT COOKWARE — Some stones are more heat resistant than others, such as granite, handling high heat. Unfortunately, sealants and other products used to make your counter stain-resistant are not as tolerable. In fact, hot pots and pans will weaken your stone countertops. Placing hot cookware directly on the countertop can cause discoloration and shorten the lifespan of your counters.
  5. LEAVING MESSES AND SPILLS — Again, sealants should protect your counters from liquids and other messes from soaking into the soak. However, spills left on the surface for long periods can leave behind buildup, etches, and stains. You shouldn’t run into any issues when spills remain on the surface for a shorter period, like when you’re cooking. But, to ensure your counters look pristine and extend their lifespan, make sure to clean and dry your counters regularly, especially after spills and messes occur.

Looking for Quality Stone Countertops? Contact Intermountain Stone and Marble

Taking care of your stone countertops helps extend their lifespan! If you want to incorporate stone counters in your property, contact the professionals at Intermountain Stone & Marble professionals. We offer affordable, high-quality, and durable granite, marble, quartz, and other fine stones in the Taylorsville, Murray, and Salt Lake City areas. Contact us today for a quote and to view our extensive selection of color and style options for your stone counters.

The Best Countertops for Your Bathrooms

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Selecting the best countertops for your bathrooms can feel overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from. 

The surfaces on your vanity play a massive role in how your bathroom looks and functions. It is essential that your bathroom counters be extremely durable to stand up to water, soap scum, cosmetics, heat, and other everyday wear and tear. At the same time, the countertops you choose will be a focal point and are an integral part of the design and look of your bathroom. Thankfully, several options are available that will give you both elements of beauty and function within your budget and aesthetic.

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Three Popular Countertops for Your Bathrooms

There are many materials used for bathroom countertop surfaces. Some options are far better choices than others. Here are three of our favorite top stones: 

Quartz Counters — Quartz counters are still a common choice among homeowners. There are countless possibilities for color and patterns, and they come in any shade, size, or shape. Quartz is made of quartz stone and a binding resin, making it one of the strongest stones available for countertops on the market — even stronger than marble and granite — and, with proper care, it will not scratch or chip, making this investment well worth it. Moreover, quartz counters are essentially zero maintenance, outside of regular care and cleaning. It is a nonporous stone that will not stain, making them an excellent choice for bathroom countertops.

Marble Counters — There is something special about marble countertops. When used in a bathroom, the space instantly becomes a spa-like oasis. The beauty, timelessness, and organic look and feel of marble make it show-stopping and a significant investment. Marble is a soft stone that encourages relaxation and exudes elegance. Marble requires constant upkeep because of its porous nature. It’s important to note that to enjoy the classic function and beauty of marble countertops, you will dedicate yourself to a lifetime of maintenance. For continuous protection, you’ll need to seal your stone regularly.

Granite Counters — Granite countertops can change the entire atmosphere and feel of a room. They are considered an attractive and desirable yet affordable upgrade and can increase the value of your home. These eye-catching counters are highly durable, which makes them incredibly popular among homeowners. Granite countertops require regular maintenance to keep the stone shining and in its best shape, but it is easy and will not break the bank. Every cut of this stone is unique and special, giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

For the Best Countertops Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble Today

Finding the best countertops for your bathrooms in your Salt Lake City, Utah, home within your budget is easy with the experts at Intermountain Stone & Marble. Our team of professionals can help you find the perfect stone for the surfaces in your home, whether it’s for counters, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or more. You’ll find that our high-quality products, superior customer service, and our extensive selection of styles and colors set us apart from the rest. Contact Intermountain Stone & Marble for a free quote today.

10 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

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10 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom


In a remodel, we all want a final product that reflects our personal style and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Bathrooms are the number one room homeowners choose to renovate. This is because bathrooms are usually quite small and don’t cost too much money to renovate. Even the smallest of details can make a huge impact in such a small space.

Here are ten tips for remodeling your bathroom to end up with your dream space.

1. Have a Plan.

It may seem obvious, but too many homeowners forget to have a concrete plan for what they want their space to end up looking like. Establish a plan for your budget, design, and timeline. Talk with others who will be using the space. Imagine your day-to-day in this space. What are your priorities? When establishing a timeline, keep in mind that a bathroom remodel is typically 30-90 days long.

2. Don’t Mess with Plumbing.

Using the existing plumbing, if possible, will save you a ton of money in the long run. Relocating plumbing fixtures such as the bathtub or toilet is no small task!

3. Toilet tips.

Consider replacing the toilet seat and lid instead of the entire unit. Just replacing these parts will give your toilet a fresh look without breaking the bank.

4. Ventilation Systems.

Proper ventilation is the key to making your remodel last for many years to come. A bathroom that is not properly ventilated could contribute to a number of problems including mold and mildew buildup.  

5. Maximize Space.

Use all of the space in your bathroom as much as possible. Utilize glass doors for showers and tubs to open up space. Pedestal sinks take up much less space than those with cabinets. Use creative storage solutions if your space is small.

6. Pick Timeless, Durable Flooring.

Choose durable flooring that is properly stained and sealed. Beautiful, water-proof flooring options include porcelain, ceramic, and stone.

7. Design with The Future in Mind.

If you plan to move within the next few years, consider options that will increase the value of your home. Otherwise, think about your style preferences and make decisions that you know you will love for many years to come.

8. Protect Your Walls.

Durable baseboards are crucial for protecting your walls. You may also want to consider adding beadboard to the lower half of your walls. This will help protect your walls from water damage.

9. Small Things Make a Big Impact.

Don’t look over the little details. Usually, it’s in the finer details that the greatest impact is made. Grout not only seals out dirt and water, but it can make all the difference in the appearance of your tub. Add a frame around your mirror to make it stand out. Switch out standard lighting for a modern statement piece.

10. Don’t Skip Over Storage.

Storage is crucial in any bathroom. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, consider installing cabinets above the toilet, adding free-standing shelves to a corner, or hanging a towel rack on the back of the door.

Remodeling a bathroom is exhausting work, but the finished product will be more than worth it. Begin with the end in mind and this will ensure that your renovation ends in success.

5 Reasons To Try Granite Countertops

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One of the first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen is the countertops. If you’ve ever seen a kitchen with granite countertops, you know that their beauty cannot be beaten. Granite remains one of the most popular options for countertops today. Not only are they stunning to look at, but there are also many other benefits to choosing granite for your countertop needs. Here are five reasons to switch to granite countertops today.

1. Granite is Tough and Durable.

It is nearly impossible to scratch or chip granite countertops. This is because granite is second only to diamond on the hardness scale. However, if you do manage to scratch or chip your granite countertops, it is a relatively easy fix. Unlike materials such as laminate, Granite is heat resistant. You will never have to worry about hot pots and pans damaging your countertops. Granite is also immune to freezing, thawing, mildew, and mold. No other material is more durable or longer-lasting than granite.

2. Maintenance is Easy.

Once the countertops are properly installed and sealed by a professional, granite is very easy to maintain. Because granite is resistant to staining and bacteria, it is effortless to clean. You can easily clean your countertops with soap and water, or with a special, granite-specific cleanser. Keep in mind that you should never use vinegar or bleach to clean granite countertops.

3. Granite Boosts the Home’s Value.

Granite offers a nice curb-appeal to your home. Not only do they add beauty to your kitchen, but granite countertops also have up to 100% of return investment value. This means that you can potentially get back the entire cost of your countertops in the resale of your home. Because granite is so durable, no matter when you decide to sell your home, your countertops will always look brand new. When deciding between two homes to buy, it is not uncommon for prospective buyers to pick the home showcasing granite countertops.

4. Granite is Cost-Effective.

Because of its durability, granite is a very cost-effective choice for your countertops. Lower-quality materials, such as laminate, will need to be replaced within a decade. With granite’s long-lasting track record, you can expect these countertops to last a lifetime. Intermountain Stone and Marble offers customizable granite countertops in any size and shape to fit your unique needs.

5. Granite is Made of Natural Material.

Granite is an environmentally-friendly choice. With today’s trend of “going green”, these gorgeous countertops are a great choice because they are made of entirely natural material. This also adds to its beauty. Each piece of granite is individually unique, making your kitchen special and distinctive. The natural appeal of the stone is unsurpassed by any other countertop material.

Granite countertops will set your home apart from any other on the market. It is the most popular countertop choice because it is both attractive and affordable. These countertops are also very durable, easy to clean, and will boost the value of your home. Contact Intermountain Stone and Marble for your free quote today!

Creating a Beautiful Granite-Themed Outdoor Kitchen

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granite-themed outdoor kitchen

While many of those who haven’t utilized our services might assume they’re only meant for indoor remodeling projects and renovations, the staff at Intermountain Stone & Marble is here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Not only do we provide numerous outdoor fireplaces and related fire features in customized natural stone, but we can also create custom countertops and other kitchen areas using our quartz, granite and marble products.

Part of the reason some folks don’t consider these areas when they think of stone countertop providers like us is that they aren’t sure whether materials like granite are meant to thrive in outdoor environments. And while a little care is needed in the proper areas, let’s be clear: It absolutely is. Let’s go over how granite survives and even thrives in outdoor circumstances, plus some themes you might consider for implementing granite in your outdoor design.

Granite and the Outdoors

Granite is known as one of the hardest materials on the planet, and its durability is one of its top qualities. At the same time, those who know a bit about it might be concerned about resistance to staining and ensuring its seal always remains strong when put up against wind, rain, snow and other elements.

And while it’s indeed true that granite placed outdoors may need to be sealed more often than the same product indoors, the gap here is generally small – and this is the only real difference. Granite is naturally resistant to even extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum, plus does just fine with things like direct sun and rain. It’s also naturally resistant to staining; so long as you wipe up any acidic spills quickly and ensure the seal is always updated, you’ll maintain a clean and gorgeous surface even during the wettest seasons.

Outdoor Granite Design Themes

Here are just a few basic themes or ideas to consider when utilizing granite for an outdoor kitchen or design areas:

  • Tucked Close: The one weather circumstance we will warn you about with granite outdoors is hail. While it’s very rare, if you live in an area where hail falls regularly, you might consider tucking your granite up against the home. Large, strong hail may chip or crack even strong granite in some cases. If you don’t tuck it away, keep a heavy blanket around to drape over the countertop in case of a hailstorm.
  • Sweeping Countertops: For outdoor areas with plenty of space, sweeping granite countertops allow plenty of space for socializing and food preparation. They also often leave plenty of storage space available.
  • Roofed Designs: If you want to be able to utilize your materials even during poor weather, consider roofing to protect yourself and others. Remember that even if you use a roof for your outdoor design, you still have to clean the countertop properly and seal the granite appropriately.

For more on utilizing granite kitchen themes outdoors, or to learn about any of our stone counters, speak to the staff at Intermountain Stone & Marble today.